8 Ways to Say “Interesting”

There are numerous words and phrases we can use to express our interest in something. Here are eight synonyms you can use instead of the word “interesting” in your speech and writing.


If, for example, someone’s smile is engaging, it means that it is pleasant and charming.
Ex: Tom was the most engaging storyteller I’ve ever met.
Jane was a smart and engaging woman.


Fascinating means attractive, enchanting and very interesting.
Ex: The leading actress was fascinating.
In my free time, I love to read stories about fascinating people and events.

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Appealing is another word for attractive and interesting.
Ex: The idea of moving to Canada was appealing.
The job in the advert seemed appealing to Mary.


if something is captivating, then it is extremely interesting. It means that it occupies a lot of our attention.
Ex: The beauty of the tourist sight was captivating.
Lisa’s smile was absolutely captivating.
Peter was reading a captivating story to the children. They couldn’t take their eyes off him.


When something is sensational, it is outstanding, shocking and exciting.
Ex: The play we watched last night was sensational.
The tennis player was totally sensational.


As its name says, it is something that provokes your thoughts and makes you think.
Ex: The Truman Show is a thought-provoking movie.
We had a conversation which was interesting and thought-provoking.

And here is a similar expression:


is something that arouses great interest and curiosity.
Ex: Out new colleague has an intriguing personality, don’t you agree? She’s so mysterious.
Whether Atlantis existed or not has always been an intriguing question.


Impressive is something we admire because it is special.
Ex: When we were in Paris, we had an impressive view of the city from our hotel room window.
Elon Musk is definitely an impressive person.

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