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Modal Verbs of Speculation about the Past

Many students find modal verbs confusing, so this is your chance to learn more about modal verbs for speculating about the past.

Would have, Could have, Should have

Modal verbs are an unavoidable part of English grammar. We use them to express modality – ability, likelihood, advice, order, suggestion, capacity, permission, request, and obligation.
In today’s lesson, we will look at some modal verbs in the past. As a rule, they express our present feelings about our past actions.

Shall and Will

Not so long ago, both “shall” and “will” were used as auxiliary verbs to express The Simple Future Tense. SHALL was used for the first persons of singular and plural ( I shall go, we shall go) and WILL for all others (you will, he/she will, they will). However, it’s no longer the case. Now we use WILL for all persons in The Simple Future Tense and SHALL mostly in questions and some formal phrases.

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