Other Ways to Say ‘Another’

ANOTHER ONE - one more person or thing.Ex: The cookie is delicious. Can I have another one? ONE MORE - use it to say it is the last one.Ex: I'll take one more piece of cake and it's the last one, I promise. EXTRA - useful addition to the usual amount.Ex: I'd like to earn … Continue reading Other Ways to Say ‘Another’

Other Ways to Say ‘Useful’

HANDY Meaning: practical and easy to use. Ex: This cloth is handy for cleaning your glasses. PRACTICAL Meaning: suitable and useful. Ex: I prefer practical furniture to stylish. INVALUABLE Meaning: very useful. Ex: The doctor’s advice was invaluable. HELPFUL Meaning: willing to help. Ex: Our daughter is so helpful! CONVENIENT Meaning: easy and comfortable to … Continue reading Other Ways to Say ‘Useful’

Other Ways to Say ‘Angry’

Mad – become very angry.Ex: Your brother will go mad when he finds out that you took his jacket. Annoyed – angry and irritated.Ex: She was annoyed with Sue for not calling. Furious – extremely angry.Ex: Sheila was furious when she saw the article. Bitter – angry and unhappy.Ex: John felt bitter about his failure. … Continue reading Other Ways to Say ‘Angry’