9 Phrasal Verbs with “Up”

Here are 9 easy commonly used phrasal verbs with "up" you must know

Phrasal Verb “Make up”

Here are a few meanings of the phrasal verb "make up": MAKE UP 1 - constituteEx: People over 65 make up 30% of the population. MAKE UP 2 - invent a story.Ex: I don't believe you. You made the whole story up! MAKE UP 3 - compensateEx: May I leave work earlier today and make … Continue reading Phrasal Verb “Make up”

Phrasal Verb: Pick Up

As a rule, phrasal verbs usually have more than one meaning. Let's look at the meanings of the phrasal verb 'pick up': To learn a new language without being taught. Ex: Paul picked up some Greek when he was on holiday in Greece. 2. To answer the phone. Ex: Why don’t you pick up your … Continue reading Phrasal Verb: Pick Up

Phrasal verb: Work Out

Like many others, phrasal verb 'work out' has more than one meaning. Let's look at a few of them: Work out 1 Meaning: to think of a solution for dealing with a problem. Ex: We have to work out a way to fit this shelf here. Environmentalists are trying to work out a solution for … Continue reading Phrasal verb: Work Out

Phrasal Verbs with “Hand”

Here are four phrasal verbs with the word 'hand' HAND IN - to give documents or written papers to officials or teacher. Ex: I handed my passport in to the customs officer. HAND BACK - to give back something you're holding back to someone. Ex: Paul handed Ruth the book back after he looked at … Continue reading Phrasal Verbs with “Hand”

Phrasal verbs with AROUND

Here are some phrasal verbs with 'around' that may come handy any time: WALK AROUND – to walk without a particular goal. Ex: We were walking around for hours. GO AROUND – to behave in a certain way. Ex: He’s going around and calling people names. BE AROUND – to be present. Ex: If you … Continue reading Phrasal verbs with AROUND

6 phrasal verbs with ‘come’ you probably don’t know

Come across – meet someone accidentally. Ex: I came across Martha at the meeting yesterday. Come down with – start being ill. Ex: I’m afraid I can’t go out with you tonight. I came down with the flu. Come forward – to offer information about something. Ex: No one came forward to witness last night’s … Continue reading 6 phrasal verbs with ‘come’ you probably don’t know

Phrasal Verbs with ‘Over’

In today's lesson you will learn eight phrasal verbs with 'over'. TAKE OVER - to have control of something.Ex: A much bigger company took over the business. PULL OVER - To move on the side of the road.Ex: The police officer asked him to pull over. SLEEP OVER - to spend the night in another … Continue reading Phrasal Verbs with ‘Over’

24 Expressions with the Verb ‘Hold’ + 6 Phrasal Verbs

If you decide to wait before you take action, it means that you're holding your fire. If you watched the football match last night, you could see that the local team held the lead to the very end of the game. They definitely held all the aces (cards). If you're able to hold down a … Continue reading 24 Expressions with the Verb ‘Hold’ + 6 Phrasal Verbs

6 Phrasal Verbs with ‘Hold’

Here are six phrasal verbs with the verb 'hold': HOLD TO - keep to something.She was determined to hold to her decision.Sally's always held to her promises. HOLD BACK - retreat.Don't hold back. Tell us what you know about it.I tried to talk to him but he held back immediately. HOLD OFF - postpone, delay, … Continue reading 6 Phrasal Verbs with ‘Hold’