Ways to Complain

Here are some useful phrases to help you when complaining: I'm afraid I have a complaint about... I have a complaint to make... There seems to be a problem / something wrong with... Look, I'm sorry to bother you, but... Sorry to bother you, but I wish to complain about... I would be very grateful … Continue reading Ways to Complain

Ways to Answer the Question ‘What Do You Do?’

The question "What do you do?" is used to ask about a person's occupation. You should distinguish it from "What are you doing?" as it refers to your current activity.

12 Conversation Topics You Should Try on Your Next Chat Session

Working as an English teacher for almost three decades, I've learned to talk about various subjects. Talking to a person you've just met can be challenging at times. However, engaging in these common ground topics will not only help you improve your English but also develop your social skills.

Ways to Express Your Opinion in English

When we give our opinion, we say what we think about something. We can express our opinion in many different ways, but we should take care of the way we’re expressing it. The thing is that we should try not to be too direct as it may be contradictory to someone else’s opinion. Here are … Continue reading Ways to Express Your Opinion in English

How to Make Polite Requests in English

We make requests when we ask someone to do something for us. Therefore, we should be polite and avoid being too direct. For example, we won’t say: “Lend me your car for the weekend” because the person we’re asking for a favor will most probably not lend us the car because we sound rude.    … Continue reading How to Make Polite Requests in English