32 Ways to Use the Verb PAY

Hi dear English learners! Have you paid a compliment to someone recently? If you want to find out what this expression means, keep on reading. Today, we will be learning collocations, phrasal verbs and idioms using the verb PAY. This verb usually has to do with money, but not necessarily. We can use it in collocations such as pay attention or pay a visit, which have nothing to do with money or paying. So, let’s learn 32 different ways to use the verb pay.

Words and Phrases to Use instead of THEREFORE

Hi dear English learners. Here is another lesson where you can learn different ways to say therefore. In case you are writing an essay or are involved in business correspondence quite often, you probably need to know all these words in order to make your writing more interesting, diverse and eloquent. Here are 10 words and phrases to use instead of therefore.

10 BE Expressions

10 BE Expressions

Hi, dear English learners. I hope you are doing well. In today’s blog entry, I want to look at 10 expressions starting with the auxiliary verb “be”. Most of these phrases, as a rule, express modality and have a structure of their own. Anyway, all ten expressions are very useful, so my best advice to you is to read their definitions and check how they are used in context, and then try to incorporate them into your everyday English by all means.

Words and Phrases to use instead of "IF"

Words and Phrases to Use Instead of “IF”

Hi dear English learners. I assume that you’re visiting this post because you’re writing something and you’re interested in learning some new linking words and phrases. Well, don’t we all like to have our essays and emails beautifully written! What better way to make them really appealing but introduce a variety of words, expressions and phrases which are not only engaging but also make your writing more skilled and competent. In that sense, let’s look at 13 alternatives to the conjunction “if”.