Words and Phrases to Use instead of THEREFORE

Hi dear English learners. Here is another lesson where you can learn different ways to say therefore. In case you are writing an essay or are involved in business correspondence quite often, you probably need to know all these words in order to make your writing more interesting, diverse and eloquent. Here are 10 words and phrases to use instead of therefore.

Allow - Permit - Let - Enable

Allow – Permit – Let – Enable

Hi dear English students. You might have wondered which word to use and you weren’t sure. Are the words allow, permit, let and enable synonymous and what is the difference between them? That’s the topic of today’s blog entry. Well, we can say that allow, permit and let are synonymous words and they mean ‘to give permission‘. However, enable is different; it means to make it possible for someone to do something and it has nothing do to with permission but with ability.

Words and Phrases to Use Instead of “Because”

Words and Phrases to Use Instead of “Because”

Hi dear English learners! Here we are again with a new lesson about the conjunction because. We normally use it to give the reason for something.

I’m packing my bag because we are going on a city break to Rome for the weekend.
I’m sorry I can’t babysit for you tonight because I’m having some friends round.
Let’s see what other words and phrases we can use instead of because.

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