What our students say about us

 Sasa Marjanovic

Sasa Marjanovic


Having been attending My Lingua Academy classes for almost one year, I feel significant progress in English. My conversations are more confident, the grammar is clearer, and my vocabulary is richer. I highly recommend My Lingua Academy school.

Sergey Konopacky

Sergey Konopacky

Sports analyst

Excellent training program as well as work material. the lecturer explains the work material in a great way. The teachers are very dedicated and thorough. For every recommendation!

Aleksandro Gardijan

Aleksandro Gardijan

Logistics officer

I've been studying English with teacher Amy for about two years during which time I advanced from A2 to B2 level. It's my privilege to recommend her to any student of English, especially to those who lack confidence and need to polish their English


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