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 Does this sound familiar?

🥺 You really want to learn English online but you don’t know how to do it and where to start.
🥺You’ve already been learning English at school and you’ve invested years of learning into it but you still don’t know grammar and vocabulary well enough and hesitate to speak.
🥺You know English pretty well but you lack confidence when it comes to speaking.
🥺You can’t get the job you want because your English is not good enough.

It’s about time you enrol My Lingua Academy – online school of English

Importance of speaking english

It is no secret how important it is to speak English today. You probably know how difficult it is to get an adequate study programme, school, materials...

save your time and money

Skype English lessons provide 🙂 the comfort of learning English at your own home and 🙂 save your time and money

Individual and group online English lessons

My Lingua Academy is a specialized online school of English where you can take individual or group English lessons 🙂 any time 🙂 any place 🙂 on any device. Isn’t that just amazing?

fit into the busiest schedule

My Lingua Academy online English lessons 🙂 can fit into any budget 🙂 and the busiest schedule

♦ In our school, you can learn English online on your telephone, tablet or computer.

♦ Your lessons can be on Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp

♦ If you’re not sure about your English knowledge level, we’ll test you so you can continue learning where you once stopped.

♦ Whether you’re taking individual or group lessons, our teachers will prepare your lessons according to your needs and requirements as well as homework.

♦ We have courses for all levels,  and they are best suited for students of A2 or above levels.
♦ Being a student at My Lingua Academy means that you can ask your teacher anything you want any time you like and get a feedback.

 Learn English Online

Choose your perfect plan

In this school, we gather people who have the same interests as you do, who enjoy studying English at teacher-led individual and group classes.


one-to-one 45-minute lesson


8 x 30-minute lessons per month



what our students say about us

Online group classes at My Lingua Academy are a big hit! You get so many lessons for such a low price. Besides, teachers are very much engaged. I'm so glad I enroled this school and I'm sure I'll learn English this time!
Angela Cudro
Excellent training program as well as work material. Various classes. The lecturer explains the new material in a great way. The teachers are very dedicated and thorough. For every recommendation!
Sergey Konopacky
Sports analyst
Having been attending My Lingua Academy classes for almost one year, I feel significant progress in English. My conversations are more confident, the grammar is clearer, and my vocabulary is richer. I highly recommend My Lingua Academy school.
Sasa Marjanovic,
I’ve been studying English with teacher Amelia Grisham for about two years, during which period I advanced from A2 to B2 level. It’s my privilege to recommend her to any student of English, especially those who lack confidence and need to polish their English
Aleksandro Gardijan
Logistics officer

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