General English

General English classes are intended for students of all ages and all levels of knowledge who are motivated to learn or improve their English skills.

We offer classes for elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper-intermediate and advanced levels.

The thing that sets My Lingua Academy apart from other language centres and schools is individual teaching. In this regard, we offer our students an individualized approach from the very beginning. This includes determining the level of knowledge, determining the goal, e.g. taking an international exam, preparing for education or working abroad, taking the exam in the professional development and promotion process. Based on this, the teacher devises a learning plan that is most relevant to achieving the desired goal using appropriate materials and interesting content.

From our professional experience, INDIVIDUAL TEACHING has proven to be the most effective way of learning a language. This is evidenced by the success of our students who have achieved their goals when it comes to mastering language skills.

45 minute lessons

Our teachers are experienced and they make the best 45-minute lesson plans. It is a general truth that students learn faster when there is balance between the lesson and practice. It is also important to try including quite a wide range of activities in the lesson which fosters the ability to learn independently.

A 45-minute lesson is not too long; on the contrary, it is ideal when it comes to language learning.

It costs only 14 euros per lesson and we’ll give you a discount if you buy more of them at once.

Two or three of these lessons a week is all that it takes to boost your English.

Book a private English lesson. Test your knowledge and allow us to suggest ways to improve your English!