The First Conditional

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We use the first conditional to talk about real or possible future situations, to make predictions, offers, suggestions, etc. If you eat that, you will be ill.If she needs a car, she can borrow mine.I’ll stay at home if it rains. The structure of the first conditional is:If/when + present simple – will + infinitive. […]

Difference between “Above” and “Over”

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Both “over” and “above” mean ‘higher than’ and in many cases are interchangeable. But there are some differences between them.

Expressions with “Way”

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Here are some everyday expressions with “way” I’m sure you’ll adopt easily

Ways to Complain

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Here are some useful phrases to help you when complaining: I’m afraid I have a complaint about… I have a complaint to make… There seems to be a problem / something wrong with… Look, I’m sorry to bother you, but… Sorry to bother you, but I wish to complain about… I would be very grateful […]

‘Cleaning’ Expressions

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Here are a few “cleaning” expressions you need to know. Nice and clean – very clean. Mary’s house was always nice and clean. Spotlessly clean – totally clean. My mother’s car is spotlessly clean. Clean up something – remove dirt. It took me two hours to clean up the mess after the party. Spring-clean– clean […]

Other Ways to Say ‘Angry’

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Are you feeling mad sometimes? Or maybe irritated while waiting in a queue? In this lesson, you will find different ways to describe these emotions.

11 Phrasal Verbs with Around

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Are you struggling to remember phrasal verbs? πŸ™‚ Then this is the right post for you. Here are 11 phrasal verbs with ‘around’ that may come handy any time:

Borrow vs Lend

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β€œBorrow” and β€œlend” often confuse English students. Even some native speakers make mistakes with these 2 words! Both words describe the action of somebody temporarily giving something to somebody else.

Different Ways to Say ‘Interesting’

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ENGAGING – pleasant, charming. Ex: Tom has the most engaging smile I’ve ever seen. FASCINATING – attractive, enchanting, very interesting. Ex: The leading actress was fascinating. APPEALING – attractive, interesting. Ex: The idea of moving to Canada was appealing. CAPTIVATING – very attractive. Ex: The beauty of the tourist sight was captivating. SENSATIONAL – outstanding, […]

Prepositions of Place

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Here are some commonly used prepositions of place with example sentences: IN – The cat is in the cradle. INSIDE – There is some water inside the jug. IN FRONT OF – There is a beautiful garden in front of our house. BEHIND – There was a car behind them. ON – There is a […]