Expressions with “Way”

Here are some everyday expressions with "way" I'm sure you'll adopt easily

Ways to Complain

Here are some useful phrases to help you when complaining: I'm afraid I have a complaint about... I have a complaint to make... There seems to be a problem / something wrong with... Look, I'm sorry to bother you, but... Sorry to bother you, but I wish to complain about... I would be very grateful … Continue reading Ways to Complain

‘Cleaning’ Expressions

Nice and clean - very clean. Mary's house is always nice and clean. Spotlessly clean - totally clean. My mother's car is spotlessly clean. Clean up something - remove dirt. It took me two hours to clean up the mess after the party. Spring-clean- clean your place thoroughly. Judith spring-cleaned her apartment before Christmas. Dry … Continue reading ‘Cleaning’ Expressions

Other Ways to Say ‘Angry’

Mad – become very angry.Ex: Your brother will go mad when he finds out that you took his jacket. Annoyed – angry and irritated.Ex: She was annoyed with Sue for not calling. Furious – extremely angry.Ex: Sheila was furious when she saw the article. Bitter – angry and unhappy.Ex: John felt bitter about his failure. … Continue reading Other Ways to Say ‘Angry’

Phrasal verbs with AROUND

Here are some phrasal verbs with 'around' that may come handy any time: WALK AROUND – to walk without a particular goal. Ex: We were walking around for hours. GO AROUND – to behave in a certain way. Ex: He’s going around and calling people names. BE AROUND – to be present. Ex: If you … Continue reading Phrasal verbs with AROUND

Borrow vs Lend

BORROW means that something is temporarily taken from another person. Ex: Sally borrowed her dad’s car last night. Simon borrowed 50$ from Sarah. LEND means that something is temporarily given to another person. Ex: Dad lent his car to Sally last night. Sarah lent 50$ to Simon.        Get a FREE private English lesson. Test your … Continue reading Borrow vs Lend

Different Ways to Say ‘Interesting’

ENGAGING – pleasant, charming. Ex: Tom has the most engaging smile I’ve ever seen. FASCINATING – attractive, enchanting, very interesting. Ex: The leading actress was fascinating. APPEALING – attractive, interesting. Ex: The idea of moving to Canada was appealing. CAPTIVATING – very attractive. Ex: The beauty of the tourist sight was captivating. SENSATIONAL – outstanding, … Continue reading Different Ways to Say ‘Interesting’

Prepositions of Place

Here are some commonly used prepositions of place with example sentences: IN – The cat is in the cradle. INSIDE – There is some water inside the jug. IN FRONT OF – There is a beautiful garden in front of our house. BEHIND - There was a car behind them. ON – There is a … Continue reading Prepositions of Place

Collocations with ‘Move’

Here are some useful expressions with the word 'move' which can help your English sound more eloquent and natural: Good/bad/important/smart/clever move One smart move could stop the war. Make a move Judith couldn’t make a move when the lights went out. Move back to Move back to the old lifestyle. Move away from Move away … Continue reading Collocations with ‘Move’

Expressions with “Say”

Here are some collocation with "say" to help you be more natural when speaking English: Have something/nothing to say Carla had nothing to say regarding the missing things. Want/long to say I want to say the truth! Suffice (it) to say Suffice it to say, I invested much into that business. Dare (not) say I … Continue reading Expressions with “Say”