20 idioms using the word EYE

20 Idioms Using the Word EYE

Hi dear English learners! Here is another lesson with body parts idioms. Today, it is about 20 idioms using the word EYE.

Adjectives that Describe Feelings

Adjectives that Describe Feelings

Have you ever wondered why we need adjectives? Well, we need them to clarify things and make them more interesting. The description without an adjective is dull, boring and unclear. Although it can be pretty hard to find adjectives to describe how we feel and what we mean sometimes, don’t despair and just try to add more words into your vocabulary.  In that sense, here are  46 adjectives to describe feelings in context to help you express your thoughts better.

Phrasal Verbs with RUN

Phrasal verbs with RUN

Run is a verb that forms many collocations, idiomatic expressions and phrasal verbs, meaning that it is widely used in English. If I wanted to write all about these different expressions, it would be a very long article so I decided to write only about phrasal verbs with “run” and save the other expressions for some future posts.

Making, Accepting and Refusing Invitations

It is not a secret that if you want to master the English language, you have to be acquainted with a wide range of phrases you can use to express something. The English language has a very developed phraseology and in this blog post, I will try to help you learn some very useful phrases for making, accepting and refusing invitations in English so that your English gets even closer to native.

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