Talking about Advantages and Disadvantages

Do yourself a favour and add these expressions to your English vocabulary. Here are some useful expressions and phrases to help you do the talking about the advantages and disadvantages of different things and features.

19 Expressions with “Touch” You Should Know

Are you superstitious? 🙂 Do you ever touch wood when you don’t want something bad to happen to you? As a matter of fact, this custom originates from the distant past when people believed that fairies, ghosts and spirits lived in trees. Can you believe it? 🙂
In today’s lesson, we will be learning some expressions with “touch”.

Ways to Say “Useful”

Synonyms are words that have the same or similar meaning. Why is it important to learn synonyms? In the first place, as a learner of a foreign language, you want to improve your communication and come up with a better choice of words and phrases when you speak or write. Here is a great opportunity to enrich your vocabulary. Learn different ways to say “useful”.

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