13 Ways to Say “Sometimes”

Hello English learners. Welcome to a new lesson. We will look at different ways to say “sometimes”.

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Here are 13 ways to say “sometimes”:

  1.  Occasionally
  2. At times
  3. Every now and then
  4. From time to time
  5. Once in a while
  6. Ever and again
  7. Every so often
  8. Now and then
  9. Off and on
  10. At one time or another
  11. More often than not
  12. Time and (time) again
  13. Over and over (again)
Ways to say "sometimes"
Ways to say “sometimes”

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If something happens occasionally, it happens sometimes but not very often.

  • Sara was living in the village and her children would come to visit her only occasionally.
  • I take a bus to work but I drive occasionally, especially if it rains.

At times

We use the phrase at times to say that something happens occasionally.

  • Martin was a vegetarian who would eat fish at times.
  • Her son was a good child although he could be a bit tiring at times.

Every now and then

If you do something every now and then you do it occasionally and irregularly.

  • Sandra was reading and checking if the baby was sleeping every now and then.
  • Every now and then, Mark would remember the nightmare he had.
Ways to say "sometimes"
Ways to say “sometimes”

From time to time

If something happens from time to time, it happens sometimes and not regularly.

  • Although they were separated they met from time to time at work.
  • I can lend you money from time to time but not every week. You should get a job.

(Every) once in a while

If something happens every once in a while, it happens sometimes.

  • Everyone can make a mistake once in a while but try not to make it a habit.
  • Every once in a while, Sofia would set aside some money for her holiday.

Ever and again (anon)

If something happens ever and again or ever and anon, it happens from time to time.

  • Even when she was dieting, she used to have a piece of chocolate ever and again.
  • Ever and anon, he would remember the people he met on holiday.

Every so often

If you do something every so often, you do it occasionally, with long intervals between the two occasions.

  • Every so often, he goes to the local doctor to check his health.
  • The silence was broken every so often by the dog barking.
Ways to say "sometimes"
Ways to say “sometimes”

Now and then

If something happens now and then, it happens from time to time, but not regularly.

  • Now and then Lucy would turn and look through the window.
  • They loved going to the park and feeding the ducks in the lake now and then.

Off and on

Something that happens off and on happens in intervals, for only part of the time.

  • Martha has been dating her boyfriend off and on for two years.
  • We don’t go to the theatre very often, just off and on.
  • It’s been raining hard all week, off and on.

At one time or another

When something happens occasionally and not very often we can say that it happens at one time or another.

  • The country was a French dominion at one time or another throughout history.
  • Simon liked going on a city break at one time or another, whenever he could afford it.

More often than not

We say that something happens more often than not when it happens usually.

  • Nick was never late for work and more often than not he was fifteen minutes earlier at his desk.
  • More often than not Monica would buy vegetables at the green market.

Time and (time) again

If something happens time and time again, it happens frequently.

  • Time and again, the truce would be broken by the gunshot.
  • George rewrote the letter time and time again.

Over and over (again)

If something happens over and over again, it happens many times in frequent intervals.

  • Sandra was rewriting the email over and over again, looking for mistakes.
  • Mark was repeating the rhymes of the poem over and over so that he could memorize it.

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Ways to say sometimes
Ways to say sometimes

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