Words and Phrases to Use for Giving Examples

Words and Phrases to Use for Giving Examples

We often write texts using the same words and phrases which becomes boring after some time. Let’s try to include more variety in your English speech and writing. Here are 13 different words and phrases to use for giving examples.

Words and Phrases to Use instead of THEREFORE

Hi dear English learners. Here is another lesson where you can learn different ways to say therefore. In case you are writing an essay or are involved in business correspondence quite often, you probably need to know all these words in order to make your writing more interesting, diverse and eloquent. Here are 10 words and phrases to use instead of therefore.

Correlative conjunctions

Correlative Conjunctions

Hi dear English learners! In today’s lesson, we will be learning about correlative conjunctions. It sounds like something very difficult it’s not really. You’ve probably been using them all the time without knowing much about them theoretically.You’ve surely said many times that you don’t know what to do – whether to do this or that. Or, I like both strawberry and chocolate ice-cream. These small conjunctions whether, or, both, and are correlative conjunctions when used together in a sentence. Let’s discuss this topic in more details.

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