Arrive in or Arrive at?

There is a lot of misunderstanding about these two prepositional phrases. Here is the explanation

9 Phrasal Verbs with “Up”

Here are 9 easy commonly used phrasal verbs with "up" you must know

10 Expressions with “Money”

Here are some word combinations with the noun "money" that often go together

Phrasal Verb “Make up”

Here are a few meanings of the phrasal verb "make up": MAKE UP 1 - constituteEx: People over 65 make up 30% of the population. MAKE UP 2 - invent a story.Ex: I don't believe you. You made the whole story up! MAKE UP 3 - compensateEx: May I leave work earlier today and make … Continue reading Phrasal Verb “Make up”

Holiday Collocations

It is a high holiday season and many of us have been looking forward to our holidays. Whether you're going to the seaside, lakes or mountains, or have some other plans, I'm sure it'll be useful to look at these holiday collocations: City break - a short holiday spent in a large city.Ex: Peter and … Continue reading Holiday Collocations

Ways to Use Can and Could

'Can' and 'could' are modal verbs used in a few different ways. Use 'can' to talk about: Ability: I can swim well. Possibility: When mum gets back from shopping we can go out. Opportunity: I am not working today so we can go to the beach. Permission: You can park here. Use 'could' to talk … Continue reading Ways to Use Can and Could

Other Ways to Say ‘Another’

ANOTHER ONE - one more person or thing.Ex: The cookie is delicious. Can I have another one? ONE MORE - use it to say it is the last one.Ex: I'll take one more piece of cake and it's the last one, I promise. EXTRA - useful addition to the usual amount.Ex: I'd like to earn … Continue reading Other Ways to Say ‘Another’

Phrasal Verb: Pick Up

As a rule, phrasal verbs usually have more than one meaning. Let's look at the meanings of the phrasal verb 'pick up': To learn a new language without being taught. Ex: Paul picked up some Greek when he was on holiday in Greece. 2. To answer the phone. Ex: Why don’t you pick up your … Continue reading Phrasal Verb: Pick Up

“Heart” Expressions

Here are some 'heart' expressions which could be useful in case you want to have a better understanding and sound more natural in English: Wear your heart on your sleeve - make your feelings obvious. Ex: You shouldn't be wearing your heart on your sleeve at work. By heart - memorize. Ex: Polly learned the … Continue reading “Heart” Expressions

Will and Would

WILL Use 'will' to talk about the future: I'll meet you on Sunday.  Use 'will' to say what you think will happen in the future: Peter will be a great pianist. He's so talented.  WOULD  Use 'would' as a past form of 'will': Brian said that he would help me. Use 'would’  for offers and … Continue reading Will and Would