23 Prepositional Phrases with IN

Hello English learners. Welcome to a new lesson. We will look at 23 prepositional phrases with “in”.

Here is the list:

  1. In a hurry
  2. In addition
  3. In advance
  4. In brief
  5. In case
  6. In charge of
  7. In common
  8. In control
  9. In detail
  10. In doubt
  11. In fact
  12. In fashion
  13. In general
  14. In love
  15. In moderation
  16. In no time
  17. In other words
  18. In particular
  19. In return
  20. In season
  21. In the habit 
  22. In touch
  23. In vain

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In a hurry

Meaning: very quickly.

  • Mark was in a hurry because he was late.

In addition

Meaning: use it to add another thing or person to something already mentioned.

  • In addition to this house, he has a flat on the sea coast.

In advance

Meaning: to do something in preparation for something we expect to happen.

  • You should book in advance if you want to travel to the Maldives in July.

In brief

Meaning: in a few words, without many details.

  • We are listening to the news in brief.

In case

Meaning: in order to be prepared for something.

  • You should write it down in case you forget.

In charge (of)

Meaning: to be in control or responsible for something.

  • I want to complain. Who is in charge here?

In common

Meaning: to share something such as characteristics or interests with someone or something

  • Humans and apes have a lot in common.

In control

Meaning: to be in a position of power and decide on what is going to happen.

  • The UN forces are in control of the region.

In detail

Meaning: which includes much information about something.

  • Could you please tell me more about this problem in detail?

In doubt

Meaning: to be uncertain.

  • If you are in doubt, ask for a second doctor’s opinion.

In fact

Meaning: use the phrase for emphasis or to give some extra details.

  • Mary works in school. In fact, she is a teacher.

In fashion

Meaning: in a particular way.

  • All houses on this street are built in the same fashion.

In general

Meaning: usually.

  • In general, women live longer than men.

In love

Meaning: to have romantic feelings for another person.

  • Michael is in love with Monica.

In moderation

Meaning: not too much, within reasonable limits.

  • The doctor told me that I can drink wine but in moderation.

In no time

Meaning: very soon.

  • We’ll be home in no time.

In other words

Meaning: to say it differently.

  • In other words, they’ll put filters on the factory chimneys to prevent pollution.

In particular

Meaning: which applies to one person or thing.

  • I have nothing in particular to say about this matter.

In return

Meaning: as a response to something.

  • Can I buy you a drink in return for your help?

In season

Meaning: refers to the time of the year when fruit and vegetables are ready to be eaten.

  • Cherries are in season now so I could make an apple pie.

In the habit

Meaning: something you do regularly.

  • I’m in the habit of having breakfast as soon as I get up.

In touch

Meaning: in contact.

  • We’ll keep in touch while we’re away.

In vain

Meaning: without any results.

  • Fiona tried in vain to talk to her son.

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Prepositional phrases with IN
Prepositional phrases with IN

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