10 Expressions with “Imagine”

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The verb “imagine” means to form mental pictures or ideas in your head. It is widely used in the English language to build various phrases and expressions. Here are some commonly used ones

Collocations with the Word “Habit”

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In today’s lesson, you will find a few commonly used expressions which collocate with the word “habit”

Collocations about Newspaper

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Here are some common expressions related to newspaper

‘Cleaning’ Expressions

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Here are a few “cleaning” expressions you need to know. Nice and clean – very clean. Mary’s house was always nice and clean. Spotlessly clean – totally clean. My mother’s car is spotlessly clean. Clean up something – remove dirt. It took me two hours to clean up the mess after the party. Spring-clean– clean […]

25 Collocations that Describe Someone’s Personality

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Do you have a tendency to exaggerate or are you brutally honest? 😐 Learn the meanings of 25 expressions which describe personality

Collocations about BOOKS

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Be absorbed in a book – be totally focused on reading. Ex: Derek didn’t hear me because he was absorbed in a book. Bedtime reading – reading in bed. Ex: Would you recommend horror stories for bedtime reading? Compulsive reading – so interesting that you can’t stop reading. Ex: More and more people are indulging […]

Expressions with “Keep”

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“Keep” is one of the most common verbs in English, and it forms lots of phrasal verbs, collocations and idioms. Here are some of them to help you express yourselves more naturally