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20+ Collocations with the Conjunction “and”

There is a great number of collocations linked with the conjunction “and” in English. As a rule, these are three-word fixed expressions with “and” in between. For example: alive and well, ups and downs, etc.
Let’s look at some of them.

27+ Telephone Collocations

As you already know, Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone back in the 19th century. Ever since it has developed quite a lot (all together with the phraseology related to it), and today we can hardly imagine our lives without them. In today’s lesson, you will find very useful telephone collocations and natural expressions connected to telephones and telephoning. Let’s look at them

19 Expressions with “Touch” You Should Know

Are you superstitious? 🙂 Do you ever touch wood when you don’t want something bad to happen to you? As a matter of fact, this custom originates from the distant past when people believed that fairies, ghosts and spirits lived in trees. Can you believe it? 🙂
In today’s lesson, we will be learning some expressions with “touch”.

10+ Expressions Related to Habits

In today’s lesson, we will be discussing expressions related to habits. Let’s define the word habit first. What is a habit? It is a pattern of behaviour that you do on a regular basis; like taking a walk in the evening, eating your soup cold, exercising, etc. We all have habits. Let’s learn how to talk about them. Here are 10 essential expressions related to habits that will make your English much more interesting and smart.

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