Travel Words: Trip, Journey, Cruise, Tour, Voyage…

Hi English learners! Do you like travelling? In today’s lesson, we are going to talk about travelling and travel words such as trip, journey, cruise, voyage, tour, city break, outing, holiday, excursion.


A trip is a short journey where you go to a place and come back. You can go on a business trip or trip for pleasure. We say that we go on a trip or take a trip.

  • Mira went on a trip to Scotland last week. She had a great time.
  • I’d like to go on a shopping trip to Istanbul. 
  • Employees in our company make about 10 business trips a year.
Travel Words: Trip, Journey, Cruise, Tour, Voyage…


In most cases, when we say journey we mean a trip between two distant places. It can be by plane, by train, etc.

  • The journey from my flat in Poland to the beach hotel in Spain takes 4 hours, door to door.
  • Last year, we went on a long journey to China. It was long and tiring but it was worth it.
  • We broke our journey in Frankfurt and flew to London the next day.


A cruise is a journey by sea. It is connected to tourism because we people usually go on a cruise on a large ship which stops at the coastal places for sightseeing. 

  • We went on a cruise along the Mediterranean coast last summer. It was marvellous!
  • I’d love to go on a cruise around the world but it’s very expensive. 
 Travel Words: Trip, Journey, Cruise, Tour, Voyage…
Travel Words: Trip, Journey, Cruise, Tour, Voyage…


A voyage is a long journey, especially by sea, or even to space.

  • After a two-year voyage by the Indian Ocean, Marco Polo landed in India.
  • Isn’t it sad that the Titanic sank on its first voyage? (you can also say maiden voyage)
  • NASA scientists are preparing to go on a voyage to Mars soon.


A trip during which you visit a town, a city or an area to look around it.

  • We went on a guided tour of Athens and we saw so many interesting places there.
  • Sara won a 3-day tour of France. 
  • When we were in the USA last year, we went on a cycling tour of the Grand Canyon.

City break

 If you go on a city break, you visit a big city for a few days for sightseeing or shopping.

  • Celia and I are going on a city break to Barcelona for the weekend. I can’t wait.
  • City breaks are becoming more and more popular among tourists.
  • If you’re stuck in your relationship a romantic city break to Venice could be a game changer.
Travel Words: Trip, Journey, Cruise, Tour, Voyage…
Travel Words: Trip, Journey, Cruise, Tour, Voyage…


An outing is a short, usually daily trip.

  • The children are going on an outing to the Zoo on Sunday.
  • We went on a family outing to Bath. We had a great time!
  • It is going to be hot tomorrow so we’ll probably go on an outing to the beach.


You probably know what a holiday is. It is a time we spend resting from school or work; it can be shorter or longer. 

  • We like to book our summer holiday in February because it’s cheaper then.
  • Employees in that company have 25 days of paid holiday a year.
  • I’m looking forward Christmas holidays.


An excursion is an organized trip for a group of people who are travelling for pleasure.

  • Our class is going on an excursion to Bournemouth next month. I can’t wait.
  • Included in your holiday is an excursion to the mountain.
  • We’ll go cycling for an excursion and then stay at a campsite.

Remember to always use the prepositional phrase go on (not go to) with the travel words:

go on a trip, go on a journey, go on a tour, go on a cruise, go on a holiday, etc.

Travel Words: Trip, Journey, Cruise, Tour, Voyage…
Travel Words: Trip, Journey, Cruise, Tour, Voyage…

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