Idioms and Expressions with “Moon”

Hi English learners? Have you ever been over the moon, meaning that you have been very excited and happy? Learn 11 idioms and expressions with “moon” in today’s lesson.

Here is the list:

  • Ask for the moon
  • Over the moon
  • Once in a blue moon
  • Promise the moon
  • Reach for the moon
  • Many moons ago
  • To moon about/around
  • To the moon and back
  • The moon on a stick
  • To moon over someone or something
  • To moon  away something

Ask for the moon

Meaning: to ask for something impossible to get or achieve; to want something you cannot have.

  • The workers on strike want all their demands to be fulfilled immediately, which is asking for the moon at the moment.
  • I just want you to do your homework regularly. It’s not asking for the moon, is it?

Over the moon

Meaning: to be extremely happy.

  • When Michael got million pounds in the lottery he was over the moon. He couldn’t sleep for two days.
  • Sandra has finally graduated and she’s over the moon. She’s throwing a party on Friday.
Idioms and Expressions with “Moon”
Idioms and Expressions with “Moon”

Once in a blue moon

Meaning: very rarely; not often.

  • Our son is a Holywood actor and we see him only once in a blue moon when he comes to England.
  • That kind of opportunity only comes once in a blue moon. You’d better grab it while it’s still there.

Promise (someone) the moon

Meaning: to promise something impossible to achieve.

  • Have you noticed that most politicians always promise you the moon before the election but never keep it once they’re elected?
  • He promised her the moon before the marriage, but things were completely different afterwards.

Reach for the moon/stars

Meaning: to set your goals high, to try to achieve something difficult.

  • If you want to be successful you have to set your goals high and reach for the moon.
  • Brian’s father has always encouraged him to reach for the stars, but all he really cares about is playing video games.
Idioms and Expressions with “Moon”
Idioms and Expressions with “Moon”

Many moons ago

Meaning: a long time ago.

  • The famous football player retired from the game many moons ago and is looking after his grandchildren now.
  • When mobile phones first appeared many moons ago, they didn’t have the Internet.

To moon about/around

Meaning: to move about slowly because you are depressed or sad.

  • When she heard the bad news, Sylvia just mooned about all day and refused to eat.
  • Ever since he’s broken up with his girlfriend he’s been mooning around the neighbourhood.

To the moon and back

Meaning: use the phrase to show how much you love someone.

  • Diana is Patrick’s only child and he loves her to the moon and back.
  • I love you to the moon and back 15 times.
Idioms and Expressions with “Moon”
Idioms and Expressions with “Moon”

The moon on a stick

Meaning: everything you may desire.

  • Lyle promised me the moon on a stick if I accept his proposal but everything was just gloom and doom afterwards.
  • Our boss always wants the moon on a stick when it comes to work.

To moon over someone or something

Meaning: to spend time thinking about someone you grow affection for or something you want.

  • Sean spent all morning mooning over the girl he met at the party the night before.
  • Gregory was mooning over the holiday in Thailand and he hardly did any work.

To moon away 

Meaning: to spend time being lazy and idle, usually connected with grief.

  • Mira mooned away all weekend, trying to relax after the busy work week. 
  • It’s no use mooning away all semester because your girlfriend left you. You’d better hit the books and stop wasting your time.
Idioms and Expressions with “Moon”
Idioms and Expressions with “Moon”

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