Collocations with “age”

Collocations are natural expressions of a language. As such, they are essential when learning a foreign language. Here are 10 typical and useful collocations with “age” you may need in your everyday conversations in English.

For ages 

Meaning: for a long time

Ex: It took us ages to get out of the traffic!

Look your age

Meaning: appear as old as you really are.

Ex: You don’t look your age with that youthful hairstyle!

Act your age 

Meaning: behave in accordance with your age.

Ex: Don’t be so childish. Act your age!

Young/old age

Ex: Grey hair is a sign of old age.

In some countries, children are getting married at a very young age.

Modern age 

Meaning: modern times.

Ex: We are facing the challenges of the modern age.

Collocations with "Age"
Collocations with “Age”

Early age

Meaning: being very young.

Ex: Novak Djokovic started playing tennis at an early age.

Middle-aged man/woman

Meaning: people in their 40s or 50s.

Ex: This website is run by a middle-aged woman.

Working age

Meaning: be old enough to work.

Ex: In order to get a job, you must be of working age.

Reading age

Meaning: the level of reading ability compared to a reading ability of a child of a particular age.

Ex: Mary is learning Spanish. She has a reading age of 8.

Bygone age

Meaning: not existing for a long time.

Ex: Watching the film got him back to the bygone age of war and suffering.

Collocations with age
Collocations with “age”

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