28+ Expressions with “Change”

Here are 28+ commonly used expressions with “change” you might use to make your English sound more natural. I’m sure you’ll like some of them as well as use them frequently. 🙂

Big / significant / considerable / revolutionary / drastic / important / major/ radical change
Mobile phones have undergone a revolutionary change in the past decade.

Complete / systematic / minor / long-term / short-term / sudden / gradual / seasonal change
Gradual changes will bring more stability to the company.

Climate change
The effects of climate change include more frequent droughts and wildfires.

Bring about change
The only way to bring about changes in the company is to employ new people.

A change for the better / worse
I believe that this year will bring a change for the better.

A change of heart/mind
UK Brexit change of mind appeared first on Cyprus Mail.

Change clothes/shoes
I’m all wet. I’ll change my clothes.

Change trains/planes
We changed trains in Budapest.

Change of scene
Everyone needs a change of scene sometimes. Why don’t you go away for the weekend?

Change the subject
I don’t want to talk about it any more. Can we change the subject?

Change jobs
I think you should change jobs.

Change one’s tune
He was against the project, but he changed his tune when he realized how much money it could bring.

Change your mind
At first, I didn’t want to go to the party, but then I changed my mind.

Change your ways
If he wants to stay and work in this company, he’ll have to change his ways.

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