28+ Expressions with “Change”

Here are 28+ commonly used expressions with “change”. They include collocations and idioms. You should use them to make your English sound more natural. I’m sure you’ll memorize and use them frequently. 🙂

Big / significant / considerable / revolutionary / drastic / important / major/ radical change

Mobile phones have undergone a revolutionary change in the past decade.

I doubt they have a future together unless they make some major changes.

Complete / systematic / minor / long-term / short-term / sudden / gradual / seasonal change

Gradual changes will bring more stability to the company.

Everybody was surprised by a sudden change.

Climate change

Meaning: changes in our planet’s climate (it’s getting warmer) due to high levels of gases.

The effects of climate change include more frequent droughts and wildfires.

Bring about change

Meaning: to cause or create change.

The only way to bring about change in the company is to employ new people.

 28+ Expressions with "change"

28+ Expressions with “change”

Career change

Meaning: to change your job to a different kind of job.

Paulie’s made a career change. She’s opening a restaurant.

A change for the better / worse

I believe that this year will bring a change for the better.

The weather is changing for the worse. It was a sunny morning and look at these clouds now.

A change of heart/mind

Meaning: to change your feelings and opinion about something.

UK Brexit change of mind appeared first on Cyprus Mail.

Sara planned to buy a new car but when she realised how expensive it is, she had a change of heart and bought a used one.

Change clothes/shoes

I’m all wet. I’ll change my clothes.

Change trains/planes

We changed trains in Budapest.

28+ Expressions with "change"

28+ Expressions with “change”

Change of scene

Meaning: to move to a different surrounding or just travel somewhere for a change.

Everyone needs a change of scene sometimes. Why don’t you go away for the weekend?

Change the subject

Meaning: to change the topic of the conversation.

I don’t want to talk about it anymore. Can we change the subject?

Change jobs

Meaning: get a new job.

Your job includes lots of hazards. I think you should change jobs. 

Change your tune

Meaning: to change your attitude on something completely.

He was against the project, but he changed his tune when he realized how much money it could bring.

Change your mind

Meaning: to change your opinion.

At first, I didn’t want to go to the party, but then I changed my mind.

Change your ways

Meaning: to start improving your behaviour for the better.

If he wants to stay and work in this company, he’ll have to change his ways.

 28+ Expressions with "change"
28+ Expressions with “change”

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