28+ Expressions with “Change”

Here are 28+ commonly used expressions with "change" you might use to make your English sound more natural. I'm sure you'll like some of them as well as use them frequently.

Restaurant Collocations

  It’s a holiday season. Whether you’re spending your holiday in a fancy hotel or just want to take your girl-friend to a restaurant for a meal, here is some useful vocabulary to help you out: Could we see the menu/drinks menu, please? Could we have a bottle of sparkling/still mineral water, please? The bread … Continue reading Restaurant Collocations

Collocations about Physical Appearance

If we want to speak a foreign language properly, we need to learn the words that ‘collocate’ (go together) to sound natural. Here are some commonly used collocations about physical appearance:

Collocations with -ING form

An eating disorder – People who suffer from eating disorder eat too little or too much. Ex: I’m afraid my daughter’s developed an eating disorder. She’s lost 5 kilos in a month. A balancing act – refers to a situation when someone has to accomplish many tasks at the same time. Ex: It is quite … Continue reading Collocations with -ING form