Words that are Both Verbs and Nouns

Hi English learners! Welcome to a new lesson. We’ll be talking about words that are both verbs and nouns.


as a verb: to behave.

Simon, don’t be foolish! You’re acting like a child,

as a noun: something you do.

Giving money to charity is an act of kindness.


as a verb: to speak to somebody.

You should address him as Mr Smith or sir.

as a noun: the name and the number of the place where something is located.

Write in your address on the gap, please.


as a verb: when the police take someone to the police station.

Michael was arrested last night for drinking and driving.

as a noun: an act of taking somebody to the police station.

Several arrests were made connected with the murder.

Words that are Both Verbs and Nouns


as a verb: to telephone someone.

You can call me on my landline after 6.

as a noun: an act of calling someone on the phone

I need to make a phone call.


as a verb: to move your body to music.

We were dancing in the club all night.

as a noun: an act of dancing.

I’m learning some Latin American dances such as salsa and flamenco.


as a verb: to pour something liquid into your mouth and swallow.

What would you like to drink?

as a noun: a liquid that you drink.

I’d like a drink first and then we can talk.

Words that are Both Verbs and Nouns


as a  verb: to move a vehicle such as a car.

My dad is teaching me to drive.

as a noun: a journey by car.

Let’s go for a drive after lunch.


as a verb: something that happens to you.

We experienced turbulence during the flight.

as a noun: your knowledge and skills.

Sandra has experience in working with disabled people.


as a verb: to have your face opposite of someone or something.

When she woke up, she faced her dog’s head.

as a noun: the front part of the head.

Her face went red when she saw him.

Words that are Both Verbs and Nouns


as a verb: to feel scared.

There is nothing to fear from.

as a noun: the feeling you have when you are in a dangerous situation.

The cat hissed with fear when it saw the dog.


as a verb: to wish something to happen.

I hope it’s not going to rain in the afternoon.

as a noun: a wish for a certain good thing to happen in the future.

They had a lot of hope for the future.


as a verb: to become larger or greater in amount.

After the Coronavirus pandemic, all the prices increased.

as a noun: a rise in size, amount, etc.

We are expecting an increase in salary in the next month.

Words that are Both Verbs and Nouns


as a verb: to touch someone or something with your lips.

Martin kissed her on the cheek.

as a noun: the act of kissing.

She gave me a hug and a kiss.


as a verb: to walk faster.

They saw the bus leaving so they began to run.

as a noun: the act of running.

Charlie usually goes for a run before work.


as a verb: to try to find something by watching carefully.

The police officer searched through the files.

as a noun: the act of searching.

They conducted a thorough search for the missing man.

Words that are Both Verbs and Nouns
Words that are Both Verbs and Nouns

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