Other Ways to Say HURRY UP

Hi English learners! Welcome to a new vocabulary lesson. We will look at other ways to say hurry up in English.

  • Please, hurry up, we’re really late. Chop-chop!
Come on/along
  • Come on, get up, you’ll be late for school
  • Come along or we’ll be late for the movie.
Get a move on
  • Look at those clouds. You’d better get a move on if you don’t want to get wet. 
Get cracking
  • You need to get cracking if you want to catch the bus.
Jump to it
  • Jump to it, Michael. The report must be ready by Friday.
Put your skates on
  • Come on, Mark. Put your skates on if you don’t want to be late for school.
Shake a leg
  • It’s 7 o’clock. Will you tell Karen to shake a leg?
Snap to it
  • Snap to it and finish your lunch already!
Speed up
  • You should speed up your work if you want to finish it today.
Time  is money
  • We don’t want this meeting to go on forever; as you all know,
Other Ways to Say HURRY UP
Other Ways to Say HURRY UP

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