Collocations about FRIENDSHIP

Hi English learners! How many close friends have you got? Read the blog post to learn collocations about friendship.

What are collocations and how to learn them

As you already know, collocations are chunks of words that naturally appear together. The most common collocations are the ones with make and do. For example, we always say make a bed, not do a bed; do homework or housework, not work homework or housework; go shopping, not go to shopping. The best way to learn them is within the context. When you learn a new word, it is very important to look at the collocations it forms as well. When you read a book or watch a film in English, try to recognize collocations and remember them in context. 

Here is the list of the collocations about friendship:

  • Make friends
  • Strike up a friendship
  • Close friend
  • Lifelong friend
  • A long-standing friendship
  • Casual acquaintance
  • On friendly terms
  • Stand the test of time
  • Win someone’s trust
  • Develop a friendship
  • Renew a friendship
  • Spoil a friendship

Collocations about friendship

Make friends

Meaning: to become friends with someone. 

  • Children usually make friends more easily than adults.
  • I’ve made friends with my new neighbour. He’s a great guy!

Strike up a friendship

Meaning: to start a relationship with someone.

  • I’ve always found it easy to strike up a friendship on holidays.
  • Sara never liked her husband to strike up a friendship with other women.
Collocations about friendship
Collocations about friendship

Close friend

Meaning: a person you can confide in and talk about anything. 

  • People usually feel comfortable when they are with their close friends and enjoy their company.
  • David is my close friend and confidant. I feel I can tell him anything.

Collocations about friendship

Lifelong friend

Meaning: someone you are connected with for a long time and you feel as if you will be friends for life.

  • When I first met Simon back in school, I didn’t know we would become lifelong friends.
  • They spent some tough war years together and later became lifelong friends.

A long-standing friendship

Meaning: a friendship that exists for a long time.

  • The two men grew a long-standing friendship over the years.
  • Tara and Mary shared a long-standing friendship although they haven’t seen each other very often.

Casual acquaintance

Meaning: someone you know but you are not a friend with them.

  • I’ve known Paul for a few years but he’s nothing more than a casual acquaintance.
  • Fiona met a casual acquaintance when she was in Bristol.

Collocations about friendship

On friendly terms

Meaning: when people are friendly with each other.

  • Celia was on friendly terms with all her colleagues.
  • Although they were divorced, they remained on friendly terms.

Stand the test of time

Meaning: a strong relationship which can last for a long time.

  • If their friendship is true, it will stand the test of time and last forever.
  • The old couple’s marriage has stood the test of time many times.

Win someone’s trust

Meaning: to believe that someone is a reliable and honest person.

  • In order to get on friendly terms with someone, you need to win their trust first.
  • It may take some time until he wins her trust.

Collocations about friendship

Collocations about friendship
Collocations about friendship

Develop a friendship

Meaning: to become a good friend with someone over a period of time.

  • Mira developed a friendship with Terry while they were working together.
  • They developed a friendship which grew into a romantic relationship.

Renew a friendship

Meaning: to start being friends with someone you haven’t seen for some time.

  • He was looking forward to renewing a friendship with his old school friend he hasn’t seen for years.
  • Meeting you again gives us the opportunity to renew our friendship.

Spoil a friendship

Meaning: to destroy a friendship.

  • I hope Mark’s occasional lack of empathy won’t spoil our friendship.
  • Her jealousy spoiled their friendship.
Collocations about friendship
Collocations about friendship

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