26 Adjectives to Describe a Friend

Hi English learners! In today’s lesson, we will look at a variety of adjectives to describe a friend.

Here is the list:

  • Affectionate
  • Amusing
  • Brotherly/sisterly
  • Caring
  • Charming
  • Chatty
  • Cheerful
  • Considerate
  • Easygoing
  • Encouraging
  • Enthusiastic
  • Good listener
  • Forgiving
  • Friendly
  • Fair weather friend
  • Helpful
  • Honest
  • Inspiring
  • Intuitive
  • Loyal
  • Selfless
  • Sincere
  • Supportive
  • Sympathetic
  • Thoughtful
  • Trustworthy

Adjectives to Describe a Friend


Meaning: showing love and care for others.

  • John is very thoughtful and affectionate toward his friends and relatives.


Meaning: funny and pleasurable.

  • George is such an amusing friend. He always makes us laugh.
Adjectives to Describe a Friend
Adjectives to Describe a Friend


Meaning: showing love and care typical of a brother or sister.

  • Jack felt brotherly affection for his childhood friend.


Meaning: kind, sympathetic, helpful.

  • Although he seemed selfish sometimes, deep down he was a gentle, caring person.


Meaning: pleasant and attractive.

  • Sandra’s new friend is the most charming person I’ve ever met.


Meaning: talkative in a friendly way.

  • My friend Simon is a chatty and energetic man.


Meaning: behaving in a friendly happy way.

  • Milly was a cheerful and chatty companion.

Adjectives to Describe a Friend


Meaning: helpful and kind, regarding other people’s feelings.

  • I love Lucy for being so considerate. She helped me tidy up the place after the party.


Meaning: relaxed.

  • Mary is an easygoing friend. She never gets mad at me.


Meaning: that gives support and hope to someone.

  • My friend Lorna was very encouraging when I was studying for the test.
Adjectives to Describe a Friend
Adjectives to Describe a Friend


Meaning: showing interest in someone or something.

  • Jack is always lively and enthusiastic about going out with friends.

Good listener

Meaning: a person who is there for you when you need it and listens to your problems.

  • Not only he is a fabulous cook, but Martin is also a good listener.


Meaning: willing to forgive.

  • Olivia is a kind and forgiving friend.


Meaning: pleasant and kind. 

  • Our neighbour is a very pleasant person, always kind and friendly.

Fair weather friend

Meaning: a friend who is there only when things are easy and isn’t your friend when things are tough.

  • Sean seemed to be a good friend at first but he was nowhere to be found when I got divorced. He’s only a fair-weather friend, I suppose.

Adjectives to Describe a Friend


Meaning: useful, eager to help.

  • Jill is a great friend, always kind and helpful.


Meaning: always telling the truth and not lying or stealing.

  • Alicia would never lie to me. She’s an honest person.


Meaning: making you feel you want to do something.

  • Thank you for being an inspiring friend. Thanks to you I got enough will and self-discipline to finally graduate from college.


Meaning: being able to understand something based on your feelings rather than facts. 

  • Tara is a sensitive and intuitive friend. She always knows when something’s wrong with me.


Meaning: a person who is constantly in support of someone or something.

  • Rob was his oldest and most loyal friend. He never doubted him.
Adjectives to Describe a Friend
Adjectives to Describe a Friend


Meaning: caring for others more than for yourself. 

  • Sara will look after our dog and the house while we’re on holiday. She’s always been helpful and selfless.


Meaning: an honest person who never cheats or lies.

  • A friend should keep their word, and be honest and sincere.


Meaning; a person who gives help and encouragement.

  • You should consider yourself lucky if you have a friend who is a supportive and good listener.


Meaning: caring about other people’s suffering.

  • Sophie has always been a sympathetic ear for my problems.


Meaning: a person who considers other people’s needs.

  • What a thoughtful friend you are! You made me a cup of tea!


Meaning: a person you can rely on to be sincere and honest.

  • I feel I can tell Helen everything and be sure she won’t tell anyone because she’s trustworthy.
Adjectives to Describe a Friend
Adjectives to Describe a Friend

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