Questions with Prepositions at the End 

Hi, dear readers! Are you having a problem understanding or making questions which end with a preposition? For example: WHO do you go WITH? Or WHERE do you come  FROM? These are some of the easier ones, but my students hardly ever understand that it means WITH WHO did you go? and FROM WHERE do you come (originate). These questions are a bit tricky, especially if the sentence is long. But let’s look at some typical questions with prepositions at the end so you can understand them better.

Questions ending in ABOUT

What are you thinking about?I’m thinking about my holiday.
What was the film about?It was about love at first sight between a Japanese woman and a Colombian man.
Who are they talking about?They are talking about their children.
What is Milly worried about?She’s worried about her performance.
What did the customer complain about?He complained about the bicycle he’d bought in our shop.
What is Tara angry about?She’s angry about dinner always being late.
What‘s Peter’s business about?It’s about real estate.
What‘s that noise all about?A mechanic is trying to fix my car.
What is Mary so excited about?She’s excited about her trip to Cuba.
What is this article about?It’s about a man whose credit card was stolen.
Questions with Prepositions at the End

Questions ending in AT

What are you looking at?I’m looking at the painting.
Which subjects are you good at?I’m very good at Maths.
Which pub did you eat at?At that nice small pub on High Street.
Whose party were Tom and Brenda at?They were at Tom’s birthday party.
What are you laughing at?I’m laughing at my dog. He’s so funny.
What age do the children start talking at?They normally start talking at the age of  2 or 3.
Questions with Prepositions at the End

Questions ending in BY

Who is the film directed by?It’s directed by a young Brazilian director.
Who is the book written by?It was written by Louis Bromfield.
What are you going to travel by?We are going to travel by bus.
Which cities will we be passing by on our way to the Mediterranean?We’ll be passing by Rome and Napoli.
Who was the charity founded by?It was founded by the Queen herself.
What was the damage caused by?It was caused by a tornado.0
Questions with Prepositions at the End

Questions ending in FOR

Answer Question
Who are you waiting for?I’m waiting for my mum.
How long have you been here for?I’ve been waiting for two hours.
Who do you think we should vote for?You should vote for the candidate you like best.
Which movies is this actor known for?He is known for the movie “Last Supper”.
Which company do you work for?I work for an engineering company.
Who is the present for?It’s for the hostess.
What age is this book for?It’s for children who are 3-5 years old.
What is this town famous for?It’s famous for the old cathedral.
What did you go to the shop for?I went there for sugar. We ran out.
What are you doing this for?I’m doing it for my new project.
Questions with Prepositions at the End

Questions ending in FROM

Where does Pete come from?He comes from Nepal.
Who is the email from?It’s from a friend. He wants to come to England.
Who did you get this perfume from?I got it from my boyfriend.
What are you hiding from?I’m hiding from my boss. He thinks I’m having a day off.
Where are you from?I’m from Italy.
Where does the train come from?It comes from Istanbul.
What time is the shop open from?We’re open from 8 am on workdays.
What is steel made from?It’s made from iron.
Tell me again – what did she save him from?She saved him from drowning in the sea.
Questions with Prepositions at the End

Questions ending in TO

Who are you talking to?I’m talking to my colleague.
Which university did you go to?I went to Cambridge.
Who did you sell the car to?I sold it to an unknown person.
Who are you most grateful to?I’m most grateful to my parents.
Who did you address the postcard to?I addressed it to my best friend.
Who are you most devoted to?I’m most devoted to my children.
Which restaurant are we going to?We’re going to an Italian restaurant.
Questions with Prepositions at the End

Questions ending in WITH

Who are we going with?We are going with Mark and his brother.
Who are you angry with?I’m angry with my sister. She took my car without asking me.
What did you make this cake with?I made it with flour, sugar, butter and eggs.
Who are you moving in with?I’m moving in with my girlfriend.
Who do you live with?I live with my parents.
What do you want your pizza with?I want it with ham, mushrooms and cheese.
Who did you argue with?I argued with my workmate.
Who are you watching the football match with?I’m watching it with David.
Questions with Prepositions at the End
Questions with prepositions at the end
Questions with prepositions at the end

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