Adjective + Preposition Collocations

Hi English learners! Welcome to a new lesson. We will look at some common adjective+ preposition collocations with about, at, by, for, from, in, of, to, with.

Adjective + preposition collocations with ABOUT

Angry aboutThe citizens were angry about the corruption.
Anxious aboutShe felt rather anxious about her health.
Embarrassed aboutShe felt embarrassed about forgetting his name.
Enthusiastic aboutHe was enthusiastic about the idea.
Excited aboutThe children are very excited about the Christmas holiday.
Furious aboutThe neighbour was furious about the broken window.
Happy aboutShe wasn’t very happy about her new job.
Mad aboutShe was mad about Lady Gaga.
Nervous aboutHe was nervous about his exam.
Optimistic aboutShe was optimistic about the future.
Pessimistic aboutHe felt pessimistic about his chances to win the race.
Sad aboutI’m really sad about your loss.
Upset aboutShe was upset about missing the meeting.
Worried aboutMost parents are worried about their children using social media.

Adjective + preposition collocations with AT

Amazed atWe were amazed at the size of the streets in the city.
Angry atHe was angry at the injustice.
Annoyed atThe speaker was annoyed at the interruptions.
Bad atBritish people are really bad at learning languages.
Clever atShe was clever at finding the best bargains.
Good atHe’s never been good at writing.
Hopeless atI’m hopeless at maths.
Mad atHe was mad at her for being late.
Present atI wasn’t present at the meeting. What was it about?
Shocked atEveryone was shocked at the bad news.
Skilled atHe was skilled at making money.
Slow atThe police were very slow at finding the bank robbers.
Lucky atHe’s been lucky at cards.

Adjective + preposition collocations with BY

Amazed byEveryone was amazed by her story.
Delighted byHe was delighted by the good news.
Disturbed byShe felt disturbed by her neighbour’s strange behaviour.
Fascinated byAll attendees were fascinated by his speech.
Impressed byThe tourists were impressed by the archaeological site.
Inspired byThe novel was inspired by real events.
Shocked byEveryone was shocked by the murderer’s confession.
Surprised byShe was surprised by his lack of good manners.

Adjective + preposition collocations with FOR

Eager forThey were eager for meeting new people.
Famous forThe city was famous for its hospitality.
Grateful forI’m grateful for your help.
Prepared forWe should be prepared for bad weather.
Ready forHe felt ready for marriage.
Responsible forA pilot is responsible for passengers’ safety.
Respected forThey were respected for being the best carpenters in the area.
Sorry forShe felt sorry for the sick man.
Suitable forDo you think this TV programme is suitable for a child?
Thankful forWe are thankful for a wonderful evening.

Adjective + preposition collocations with FROM

Absent fromHe’s been absent from school all week.
Different fromHis opinion was different from hers.
Free fromThis food is organic and free from additives.
Made fromThis bag is made from recycled plastic bottles.
Protect fromYou should wear sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun.
Safe fromIf you get in, you’ll be safe from the dog.

Adjective + preposition collocations with IN

Disappointed inHis parents were disappointed in him.
Experienced inShe is experienced in teaching Biology.
Interested inAre you interested in chess?
Involved inTom was involved in a legal dispute.
Present inVitamin D is naturally present in breast milk.
Skilled inYou can get a job in this company if you are skilled in metalwork.
Successful inThe couple was successful in their careers.
Talented inHer son was talented in music.

Adjective + preposition collocations with OF

Accused ofHe was accused of stealing.
Afraid ofAre you afraid of the dark?
Ashamed ofYou should be ashamed of yourself for being always late.
Aware ofThey were aware of the problem.
Capable ofDo you think you are capable of doing your homework by yourself?
Certain ofThe marathon runner was certain of success.
Envious ofI am envious of you having a day off tomorrow.
Fond ofI am very fond of theatre.
Full ofThe cafe was full of people.
Guilty ofThe jury found him guilty of forgery.
Hopeful ofWe are hopeful of victory.
Independent ofShe was independent of her parents.
Jealous ofPeople were jealous of his wealth.
Made ofThe table is made of wood.
Nice ofIt is nice of you to help.
Proud ofHer parents were very proud of her.
Scared ofAre you scared of heights?
Sweet ofHow sweet of you to come to my birthday!
Tired ofI’m tired of your complaints.
Typical ofThe house is typical of the neighbourhood.

Adjective + preposition collocations with TO

Accustomed toHer eyes were accustomed to the dark.
Addicted toHe was addicted to sweets.
Allergic toShe is allergic to peanuts.
Attached toHe was attached to his family.
Committed toHe was committed to his work.
Dedicated toThe author dedicated the book to his mother.
Indifferent toIt is difficult to be indifferent to brutality.
Married toHe was married to a French woman.
Opposed toMany people are opposed to the death penalty.
Receptive toHe has always been receptive to public opinion.
Related toHere are some expressions related to happiness.
Rude toHer son was rude to me.
Similar toHer opinion was similar to mine.

Adjective + preposition collocations with WITH

Angry withAre you angry with me?
Bored withI am bored with this film.
Blessed withWe were blessed with nice weather.
Content withShe is quite content with her job.
Connected withA bad diet is connected with health issues.
Delighted withHe was delighted with his new computer.
Disappointed withThey were disappointed with the hotel service.
Fed up withI am fed up with living in the city.
Familiar withAre you familiar with Roman history?
Furious withHis mother was furious with him.
Pleased withI’m pleased with the exam results.
Popular withThe club is popular with young people.
Satisfied withHe wasn’t satisfied with his phone, so he took it back to the shop.

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