Difference between TIRING & TIRESOME

What’s the difference between tiring and tiresome? Are they synonyms? Well, they are not. What’s more, they have completely different meanings.

Let’s look at the example sentences:

  • Our trip to Sydney was extremely tiring.
  • His stories are so tiresome. I almost fell asleep.

Difference between TIRING & TIRESOME


Tiring is an adjective that refers to something which makes you feel exhausted or worn out.

For example:

  • It was a long and tiring day at work. All I want is to have a shower and get some sleep.
  • Flying a plane is a very tiring job.
  • I can’t believe you were paid so little for that tiring work.

Difference between TIRING & TIRESOME


Something that is tiresome is usually irritating and dull.

For example:

  • This lecture is so tiresome. I wish I could get up and leave.
  • Building a house can be a really tiresome business.
  • While Mark was infected with COVID-19, he suffered from a tiresome cough.

To sum up, tiring is something which causes exhaustion and tiresome is something dull and annoying.

Difference between TIRING & TIRESOME

Let’s look at more examples:

  • Their work at the factory was repetitive and tiring.
  • Quarantined people mustn’t leave their homes, which can be pretty tiresome.
  • Their journey from New York to Tokyo was extremely tiring, not to mention the time difference.
  • Their daughter, who likes to ask too many questions, can be very tiresome at times.
Difference between tiring and tiresome
Difference between tiring and tiresome

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