Any longer vs any more vs no longer. We normally use these phrases to say that we stopped doing something. But which one to use?  Is there a difference? As a matter of fact, you can use any of these phrases because they are synonyms but you must take care of their place in a sentence. Here is the explanation:

How to use ‘any longer’ and ‘any more’

Any longer and any more (or anymore) are total synonyms.

  • Why don’t we go to the cinema any longer?
  • Why don’t we go to the cinema any more?

When we use any longer or any more, we need to use don’t/doesn’t because the adverbs express a negative relationship with time. It is also important that we put them at the end of the sentence.

  • Paul doesn’t smoke any more.
  • Rita and Dave don’t play Joker any longer.

How to use ‘no longer’

However, when we use no longer, it comes between the subject and the verb. Unlike any longer and any more, it is used in positive sentences because it makes the sentence negative.

  • Paul no longer smokes.
  • Rita and Dave no longer play Joker.

More examples:

  • I don’t drink coffee any longer.
  • I don’t drink coffee anymore.
  • I no longer drink coffee.

Any Longer vs Any More vs No Longer
Any Longer vs Any More vs No Longer

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