What’s the Difference: Rich and Wealthy

Hi English learners. Are the adjectives rich and wealthy synonymous? Well, yes, they are. They both refer to the possession of lots of money or properties. In today’s blog post, we will look at these two adjectives; so, what’s the difference: rich and wealthy.

  • John won the lottery and became rich/wealthy beyond his wildest dreams.
  • The Simons are said to be enormously rich/wealthy.
  • Even though she was quite rich/wealthy, Mira lived modestly.

However, we can use rich in a wider context. 

For example, we can use rich to say that something contains a lot of something.

  • This area is rich in ores such as copper and gold.
  • The writer’s works are a rich source of material for historical research.
  • Peppers are very rich in vitamin C.

We also use rich to say that some food contains a lot of fat, sugar, eggs, etc.

  • Sandra made a rich creamy soup.
  • My mum made a rich chocolate and nuts cake for my birthday.

We can use rich to say that something is full of variety.

  • Italy is rich in culture and history.
  • The Wadden Sea is enormously rich in flora and fauna.
  • Although over 70, Fiona and her husband were leading a rich social life. 

Rich can also be used as a suffix to form a compound noun.

  • If you want to be healthy you need to eat nutrient-rich food.
  • Russia is a gas-rich country.
  • We liked the flavour-rich wine the waiter recommended.

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What’s the Difference: Rich and Wealthy
What’s the Difference: Rich and Wealthy

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