9 Phrasal Verbs with “Up”

Even though phrasal verbs are not an adequate choice for formal context, they make a vital part of the English spoken language. Isn’t it easy and common to say “I’m looking after my neighbours cat”? Everybody understands that. However, don’t think that phrasal verbs are easy to learn. They tend to be ambiguous (have many different meanings) and English learners often mix them up. What you should do about it is take one step at a time and learn them in context. In that sense, here are 9 easy and commonly used phrasal verbs with “up” you should know:


Meaning: to approach.

  • Mary came up to me and offered to drive me home.
  • When his guests left, Martin called his secretary to come up.


Meaning: to exchange news with someone.

  • I’ll call you next week. After all this time, we have a lot to catch up on!
  • Bye for now. I’ll catch up with you later!

9 phrasal verbs with UP


Meaning: to continue being equal with someone or something.

  • Despite my age, I am trying to keep up with the latest fashion!
  • John was huffing and puffing while trying to keep up with other hikers.
9 Phrasal verbs with "up"
9 Phrasal verbs with UP


Meaning: to meet someone in order to discuss something.

  • Why don’t we meet up after work to discuss the new project.
  • Let’s meet up on Saturday for a game of tennis.


Meaning: to establish.

  • They set up a committee for collecting signatures.
  • Mary set up an online business so she’s working from home now.

9 phrasal verbs with UP


Meaning: to tolerate.

  • I can’t understand how she puts up with her difficult husband and five children?
  • They got divorced because Fiona couldn’t put up with his temper any longer.


Meaning: to get up in a standing position.

  • When he heard the news, Damon stood up and left the room.
  • Will you please be so kind and stand up for me so I can sit?


Meaning: to lift something using your hands.

  • I picked up a letter from the floor and gave it to her.
  • Lorna bend over to pick up the flower.


Meaning: to arrive to a place.

  • Tony turned up late so everyone at the party could see him.
  • We’ve been waiting for an hour but he didn’t turn up.
9 Phrasal verbs with "up"
9 Phrasal verbs with “up”

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