Phrasal verbs with AWAY

Hi dear English learners! Are you going away for the weekend? Have you given away something recently? Well, if you don’t know what these phrasal verbs mean, keep on reading, because in this lesson we will be learning 13 phrasal verbs with away. I’ll give lots of examples so you can remember them in context.  

  • Get away
  • Get away with
  • Go away
  • Drive away
  • Give away
  • Take away
  • Run away
  • Keep away
  • Put away
  • Throw away
  • Fade away
  • Shy away
  • Walk away

Get away

To get away means to go somewhere on holiday, especially if you are tired and need to have a rest.

  • I’d love to get away for a week. I’m fed up with work.
  • I am getting away on holiday next week. I’ll be sleeping on the beach every afternoon. I can’t wait!

It also means to escape, especially when it is a difficult thing to do.

  • Do you think you’ll be able to get away from work earlier? I booked a table for two in a restaurant.
  • I wish we could get away from the traffic jam.

Phrasal verbs with AWAY

Get away with

If someone does something wrong or illegal and doesn’t get punished, we say that they got away with it.

  • Some witnesses had seen him near the place where the shop was robbed that night but it seems he’ll get away with it. (He’s not going to be punished.)

To get away with something also means to do something successfully with less than you need.

  • The cake will be just fine with three eggs instead of four. I’m sure you can get away with it.

Go away

If you are going away, then you are planning to hit the road and travel somewhere.

  • Lorna is packing. She’s going away for the weekend.
  • Peter’s gone away on business. 

Sometimes, people can tell you to go away, which means that they want you to leave. They may be angry or distressed.

  • Just go away and leave me alone!
  • Now go away and think about what I told you!

And the third meaning of this phrasal verb is – to disappear.

  • There was a terrible smell coming from the drains but it’s gone away.
  • I turned around just for a minute and the bag’s gone away.

Phrasal verbs with AWAY

Drive away

If you drive away, you leave a place in your car. 

  • When I came home I saw my mum driving away to work.
  • Jane got into her car and drove away.

But, if you drive someone away, it means that you make them want to go somewhere or leave the place they’re in.

  • Crime and terrorism drive away tourists in that area.
  • He left her because she was never satisfied. That’s what drove him away.

Give away

To give away means to give something as a gift, especially if it is something you don’t need.

  • I tidied up my wardrobe and I’ve got some clothes I want to give away to charity.
  • The food at this stall is so cheap. They practically give it away.

Someone usually gives a bride away at the wedding ceremony.

  • At Sara’s wedding, she was given away by her father.

Phrasal verbs with AWAY

Take away

To take away something means to remove it.

  • Instead of opening his birthday presents, Martin just took them away.
  • A good night’s sleep took my tiredness away.

You can also take away food from a restaurant and eat it somewhere else.

  • Could I get an apple pie to take away, please? 

Run away

You can run away from somebody or somewhere, which means to escape from a person or a place.

  • He insulted her so badly that she felt an urge to run away from him.
  • Brian ran away from home but he returned the next day.

You can also run away with somebody.

  • Can you believe that Mary left her husband and ran away with some guy from work?

Phrasal verbs with AWAY

Keep away

If you keep away from someone or something, then you are trying to avoid them.

  • The teacher told Bob to keep away from Peter or he’ll be sent out of the camp.
  • Keep away from the grass!

Also: to keep someone away from something means to stop them from going somewhere.

  • A bad cold kept her away from going to work all week.

Put away

To put something away means to put something in a place where you normally keep it.

  • Jeniffer ironed the shirts and put them away in the wardrobe.
  • The kitchen was full of dirty dishes waiting to be washed, dried and put away.

Phrasal verbs with AWAY

Throw away

To throw something away means to get rid of it because you don’t need it anymore.

  • Do you want to keep this old junk or shall I throw it away?
  • Don’t throw these plastic bottles away. Take them for recycling.

It can also refer to a lost opportunity.

  • That job offer could be a great opportunity for your career. It would be a pity to throw it away.

Fade away

If someone or something is fading away, then they are becoming weaker.

  • As Sophia grew older, her memories of the accident faded away.
  • She could hear her parents talking and their voices started fading away as she was falling asleep.

Phrasal verbs with AWAY

Shy away

If you shy away from something, then you avoid it because it makes you uncomfortable or nervous.

  • Mildred has never shied away from talking in public.
  • You shouldn’t shy away from vegetables such as broccoli and asparagus. They’re good for you.

Walk away

To walk away means to leave a difficult situation.

  • She taught her children to recognize danger and walk away from it.
  • It is no solution to walk away from a 20 year of marriage.

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Phrasal verbs with AWAY
Phrasal verbs with AWAY
Phrasal verbs with AWAY
Phrasal verbs with AWAY

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