Collocations about Traffic

Traffic is an uncountable noun that refers to the movement of vehicles on the road, water or air. Since we are all involved in some kind of traffic, here are some collocations about traffic that you can easily incorporate into your everyday English.

You will often hear these adjectives related to traffic:

Heavy/busy/dense/light traffic
  • They mentioned heavy traffic in the city centre, so I’ll take a bus to work.
  • Why is traffic always so busy and dense when it rains, I wonder? 
  • If you want to learn to drive, you should go to the country, because the traffic is light there.

Collocations about traffic

Slow-moving/fast-moving traffic
  • Too many buses and lorries always cause slow-moving traffic.
  • Noone should go cycling in this fast-moving traffic
Rush hour  

Meaning: Rush hour is that time in the day when the traffic in the cities is mostly congested because of too many vehicles taking commuters to and from their work or schools.

  • You have to drive carefully during the rush hour.
  • We set out early in order to avoid morning rush hour.

Collocations about traffic

 Collocations about traffic
Collocations about Traffic
Traffic congestion/jam

Meaning: a long line of stuck vehicles.

  • Sometimes, people in big cities spend hours in traffic jams.
  • Due to traffic congestion, not even emergency vehicles can move about.
Traffic warden

Meaning: a policeman who regulates traffic.

  • I’ve got a parking ticket from a traffic warden.
  • A traffic warden asked Julia to pull over.

Collocations about traffic

Traffic lights

Meaning: traffic control signals.

  • When the traffic light is red, cars must stop.
  • They set up some temporary traffic light because of the road works.
Stuck in traffic

Meaning: moving very slowly because of heavy traffic.

  • Don’t wait for me. I’m stuck in traffic and won’t come home for another hour or so.
  • The Taylors missed their flight because they got stuck in traffic.

Collocations about traffic

Oncoming traffic

Meaning: vehicles moving towards you.

  • Martin was totally dazzled by the lights of the oncoming traffic.
  • When walking along the road at night, it is very important to watch for oncoming traffic.

Traffic island

Meaning: a small raised area in the middle of the road, which separates roads going in different ways. It is also a safe place for pedestrians.

  • There was a policeman regulating traffic from a traffic island.
  • Go along this road and when you see a traffic island, turn left.

Collocations about traffic

Website traffic

Meaning: refers to users of a website.

  • If you want to be a successful blogger, make sure your website can generate traffic.
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