Collocations about Physical Appearance

If we want to speak a foreign language properly, we need to learn the words that ‘collocate’ (go together) to sound natural. For example, if you feel tired, you shouldn’t say “I’m going to sleep” (meaning “I’m going to fall asleep”); you should say “I’m going to bed” (meaning – I’m tired and I’m going to bed to sleep).

Here are some commonly used collocations about physical appearance:
Jim’s hair’s going grey so he started dying it.
I don’t put much make-up during the summer months.
I look horrible! Look at my dry hair and my oily skin.
She wasn’t the prettiest girl in the class but she had beautiful, white, even teeth. (opposite – crooked teeth)
You don’t look your age; I’d never thought you’re over fifty.
Our boss is a man in his early/late thirties.
His badly-cut hair and scruffy clothes will not make a good impression on the interviewer.
I haven’t seen you for some time. Have you gained/lost weight?
Jane has a very good dress sense; she always looks great.
Paul is a swimmer. Look how well-built he is!
I take after my mum’s family – we have broad/narrow shoulders.
Judith was always dressed in fashion while being a student.
It’s no use buying this shirt if it doesn’t suit you.
Isn’t George too young to go bald?
Curly/straight hair is so boring.



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