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Expressions with ‘SAVE’

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Do you agree that a penny saved is a penny earned? Here are some interesting and common English expressions with “save” which could be useful in many different situations:

Save a bundle 

Meaning: save a lot of money.
Ex: I saved a bundle by buying things on sales.

Save your breath 

Meaning: it’s no use talking to someone if they’re not listening.
Ex: Save your breath! They can’t hear you because of the noise.

A penny saved is a penny earned 

Meaning: it is wise to save money.
Ex: The manager advised everyone to save and said that ‘a penny saved is a penny earned’.

Save for a rainy day 

Meaning: to put some money aside for unexpected difficulties.
Ex: Fortunately, Sue had some money saved for a rainy day.

A stitch in time saves nine 

Meaning: it is better to deal with problems immediately before they deteriorate.
Ex: You should deal with that problem now. You know what they say – a stitch in time saves nine.

Saved by the bell 

Meaning: when something happens and interrupts a difficult situation.
Ex: Luckily, someone opened the door so I didn’t have to answer the unpleasant question.

Save the day 

Meaning: to do something that solves a serious problem.
Ex: Helen’s mother saved the day when she gave us some money for the taxi.

Expressions with “save”

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