Idioms about Money

Earn a fortune to earn a lot of money

He made a fortune on the stock market.

Tighten your belt – to reduce the amount of money that you normally spend.

We’ve had to tighten our belts since my wife lost her job.

Chicken feed – an amount of money that is too small to be significant.

It’s a nice job but the salary is chicken feed.

Feel the pinch – to have financial problems because you are not earning as much as you used to earn.

When his parents lost their jobs they began to feel the pinch.

Hard up not having enough money.

I’m hard up these days.

Keep the wolf from the door – to have just enough money to buy basic necessities.

He works two jobs to help keep the wolf from the door.

Have deep pockets – to have a lot of money

This company has deep pockets.

Get your fingers burnt – to suffer loss as the result of doing something risky

He got his fingers burnt in foreign markets.

Cost an arm and a leg – to be extremely expensive.

The fur coat cost her an arm and a leg.

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