Expressing LIKES and DISLIKES in English

Hi English learners! Welcome to a new lesson. We will talk about ways of expressing likes and dislikes in English. Here is a great variety of words and phrases you can use to express your preferences.

Saying that you like something

I like him despite his flaws.

She really likes theatre. She watches new performances quite often.

I love Greece, especially in the summer.

He prefers rock to pop music.

Brian is interested in nuclear physics. He’ll probably become a scientist.

I am quite keen on cycling. I cycle every weekend.

I think the film is excellent. 

Mark is into basketball. Not only she likes watching it, but he also plays it.

I enjoy watching old films.

Susan adores chocolate ice cream.

I live for having a lie-in at weekends.

Some children today are mad about video games.

I am very fond of crime novels. I read all books by Agatha Christie.

Sarah is crazy about French cuisine.

I am partial to baking and cooking in general.

Sandra has always been a sucker for classical music.

Words and Phrases for Expressing LIKES and DISLIKES in English
Words and Phrases for Expressing LIKES and DISLIKES in English

Saying that you don’t like something

She doesn’t like camping.

I hate the taste of this cheese. It’s bitter and sour at the same time.

He dislikes his children staying out late at night.

I don’t like opera at all.

I think the actors in this film are awful.

We aren’t very keen on cooking. We prefer eating out.

I don’t have a good word for that basketball player.

To be honest, I have no use for ballet.

I’m not very fond of gardening.

Football is definitely not my thing.

Maurine can’t stand waiting in queues.

They can’t bear having pets in the house.

I detest gloomy weather.

My husband despises people who lie.

I didn’t cotton to living in Spain at first, but now I love it.

This music is getting on my nerves. Will you turn it off?

Ads in my inbox drive me crazy.

Words and Phrases for Expressing LIKES and DISLIKES in English
Words and Phrases for Expressing LIKES and DISLIKES in English

Saying that something is OK

I don’t mind doing the dishes after dinner.

Bob never cares for other people’s opinions.

I don’t mind whether we have tea or coffee. It’s all the same to me.

I don’t care either way.

Expressing LIKES and DISLIKES in English
Expressing LIKES and DISLIKES in English

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