19 Adjectives to describe a CITY

Hello English learners. Welcome to a new lesson. Here is the list of 19 adjectives you can use to describe a city with example sentences:

  1. Ancient
  2. Bustling
  3. Capital
  4. Charming
  5. Coastal
  6. Cosmopolitan
  7. Crowded
  8. Historic
  9. Imperial
  10. Industrial
  11. Mundane
  12. Native
  13. Picturesque
  14. Populous
  15. Prosperous
  16. Provincial
  17. Quiet
  18. Royal
  19. Romantic

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Meaning: very old.

  • We visited the ancient city of Memphis while cruising the Mediterranean Sea.
Adjectives to describe a CITY
Adjectives to describe a CITY


Meaning: a very busy city. You will often hear the phrase “the hustle and bustle of the city” which refers to the same.

  • Celia and her husband have been living in the bustling city of Hong Kong for three years.
  • They would escape from the hustle and bustle of the big city at weekends.


Meaning: the most important city in the country where all administration and government are.

  • Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand, has one of the largest botanical gardens in the world.


Meaning: attractive and pleasant.

  • Amsterdam is a charming city in Holland which has more canals than Venice and more bridges than Paris.


Meaning: situated by the sea coast.

  • Cape Town is a coastal city in South Africa with a big port.


Meaning: the city which is populated with people from many different countries and influenced by many cultures.

  • We will all agree that New York is the most cosmopolitan city in the world.
Adjectives to describe a CITY
Adjectives to describe a CITY


Meaning: full of people, bustling.

  • Bangkok is a very noisy and crowded city.


Meaning: important in history.

  • I’d love to visit some historic cities in India or China.


Meaning: a city which belongs to an empire.

  • Pope’s residence is situated within the imperial city of Rome.


Meaning: which is connected with industry.

  • Massive demonstrations took over the industrial city of Manchester.


Meaning: not very interesting, ordinary.

  • Sara lived in a mundane city on the west coast where nothing much happened.
Adjectives to describe a CITY
Adjectives to describe a CITY


Meaning: your native city is the city you were born in.

  • After years of living in Europe, Natalie returned to her native city in Australia.


Meaning: very interesting and attractive to look at.

  • They bought a house in a picturesque city near the Swiss Alps.


Meaning: which is inhabited more than usual.

  • The city of Chongqing, with its 32 million inhabitants is one of the most populous cities in the world.


Meaning: wealthy and successful.

  • The prosperous city of Galveston in Texas was destroyed by a hurricane in 1900.


Meaning: in the province.

  • Once an educational and administrative centre was now just a provincial city.


Meaning: with little noise.

  • It’s hard to believe that Zurich is one of the quietest cities in the world.
Adjectives to describe a CITY


Meaning: where the ruler of the country lives.

  • We visited the royal city of Moravia on our holiday.


Meaning: related to love feelings.

  • Venice in Italy is well-known as one of the most romantic cities in the world.

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Adjectives to describe a city
Adjectives to describe a city

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