25 Adjectives to Describe a PARENT

Hi English learners. Welcome to a new lesson. We are going to look at 25 adjectives to describe a parent.

You will find vocabulary and collocations related to parenting here

  1. Accepting
  2. Affectionate
  3. Careless
  4. Caring
  5. Committed
  6. Conscientious
  7. Devoted
  8. Distressed
  9. Empathetic
  10. Exemplary
  11. Fond
  12. Generous
  13. Helpful
  14. Honest
  15. Humble
  16. Negligent
  17. Patient
  18. Playful
  19. Protective
  20. Resilient
  21. Resourceful
  22. Selfish
  23. Sensible
  24. Strict
  25. Supportive

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Meaning: open and tolerant.

  • My dad was an accepting parent, supportive and tolerant at all times.
Adjectives to Describe a PARENT
Adjectives to Describe a PARENT


Meaning: a parent who shows that he/she loves and cares for their child.

  • Our mother hugged and kissed us a lot; she would always praise our effort to learn new things. She was an affectionate parent.


Meaning: a parent who doesn’t show interest in his/her children.

  • Being a careless mother, Lynda let her children do whatever they wanted.


Meaning: supportive, sympathetic and kind.

  • There is no doubt that Bridget is a caring mother.


Meaning: loyal to your children and willing to invest time and energy in them.

  • What a committed parent Celia is! She spends so much time doing homework with her children.


Meaning; a parent who is always mindful and caring towards their children.

  • My parents were thoughtful and contentious, always willing to help and give advice to us.


Meaning: a parent who is full of love for their children and supports them in everything.

  • A devoted parent never gives up and always finds time for their child.


Meaning: a parent who is worried and upset.

  • The baby’s mother was so distressed that she couldn’t talk.


Meaning: a parent who is able to understand how his/her child feels because they used to be a child too.

  • As his son began to complain, Martin became empathetic and lowered the tone.
Adjectives to Describe a PARENT
Adjectives to Describe a PARENT


Meaning: a parent who is able to provide an example for their child to copy.

  • Simon is an exemplary father who is giving a lot of love and affection to his children.


Meaning: a fond parent shows love and admiration for his/her children.

  • Sandra seemed strict but she was a fond mother, full of love for her children.


Meaning: a parent who gives money and help to their child.

  • What a generous mother you are! You bought your daughter a piano.


Meaning: a parent who is willing to help.

  • My mother was the most helpful parent I know. She would do homework with us, play with us and was always there for us.


Meaning: a parent who always tells the truth to their children and never lies or cheats.

  • I’ll always remember my dad as an honest person who’d never lied to us.


Meaning: a parent who is trying to be equal to their children, not special or more important in any way.

  • Humble parents share power with their children.


Meaning: a parent who doesn’t care much or doesn’t pay enough attention to his/her children.

  • Luke was a negligent parent who never cared about his children’s needs.
Adjectives to Describe a PARENT
Adjectives to Describe a PARENT


Meaning: a parent who is capable of dedicating his/her time to their children without becoming angry.

  • I remember my mother as a patient person who always had time for us and our problems.


Meaning: a parent who likes playing with their children.

  • Nina is a playful mother who enjoys playing with her children.


Meaning: a parent who gives protection to his/her children.

  • Henry made an excuse for his son’s behaviour because he was a protective father.


Meaning: a strong parent who is able to get back to normal after something bad has happened.

  • We were able to go through the horrors of war thanks to my father who was a resilient man.


Meaning: a parent who is good at finding ways to solve problems.

  • My parents were strong and resourceful; they always helped us in finding the way out of our problems.


Meaning: a  parent who doesn’t think much about their children but mostly about themselves.

  • Children who have selfish parents tend to suffer from depression later in life.


Meaning: reasonable.

  • My mother was a sensible woman who took very good care of our health and safety.


Meaning: a parent who demands their children to obey certain rules.

  • We learned to be on time because our father was a strict man; we were not allowed to be late home, especially at night.


Meaning: a parent who encourages his/her children and helps them achieve their goals.

  • Novak Djokovic could never make it without his supportive parents.

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Adjectives to describe a parent
Adjectives to describe a parent

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