22 Adjectives to Describe FOOD

Hi English learners! Welcome to a new lesson. We will look at a variety of adjectives to describe food. We will consider the taste of food rather than personal opinion or texture. You can look at adjectives to describe texture of food here

  1. Bitter
  2. Bittersweet
  3. Bland
  4. Chewy
  5. Fresh
  6. Greasy
  7. Healthy
  8. Hot
  9. Juicy
  10. Leftover
  11. Nutty
  12. Organic
  13. Proper
  14. Rancid
  15. Rich
  16. Rotten
  17. Savoury
  18. Sour
  19. Spicy
  20. Stale
  21. Sweet
  22. Zesty


Meaning: food with an unpleasant taste such as grapefruit, beer, coffee, ginger.

Coffee without sugar or milk has a bitter taste.


Meaning: a taste which is bitter and sweet at the same time.

When he entered the kitchen, Martin could feel a bittersweet smell of chocolate being heated on the cooker.

Adjectives to Describe FOOD


Meaning: the food which doesn’t have an interesting or strong taste.

The soup is a bit bland. I’ll add some salt to it.


Meaning: the food which must be chewed a lot before being swallowed.

If the meat is chewy, add more water and cook it for another 30 minutes.


Meaning: recently made or cooked.

There was a fresh salad dish on the table.


Meaning: made with a lot of fat or oil.

He ate a heavy greasy steak.


Meaning: prepared so that it provides nutrients that are an essential part of a balanced diet.

Is it difficult to find healthy food in the supermarkets in your country?


Meaning: the taste which produces a burning feeling in your mouth.

Simon likes sausages with hot mustard.


Meaning: pleasurable and nice to eat, with a lot of juice.

On a sunny day, there is nothing better than a juicy peach.


Meaning: food remained from the previous day.

Monica made a sandwich with some leftover turkey.

Adjectives to Describe FOOD


Meaning: having a texture and flavour similar to nuts.

This cake has a fruity, nutty flavour.


Meaning: plants and food you eat which were produced without using artificial chemicals or pesticides.

Nowadays, most supermarkets sell organic meat, fruit and vegetables.


Meaning: refers to a balanced diet which contains healthy food, opposite from fast food or junk food.

Lack of proper food leads to diabetes and obesity.


Meaning: fatty food which has an unpleasant smell or taste because it is no longer fresh.

Throw this butter away, it’s gone rancid.


Meaning: fatty, sweet, etc. foods rich in nutrients, highly seasoned.

Have a glass of sparkling water. All that rich food will give you indigestion.


Meaning: decayed food which can’t be eaten.

If you put fruit in warm water, it goes rotten.


Meaning: food with a salty or spicy taste.

You can use this herb in any savoury dish using potatoes and minced meat.

Adjectives to Describe FOOD


Meaning; food which has a sharp taste or smell, like a lemon.

I put some sugar in my lemonade because it was too sour.


Meaning: food which contains lots of flavours from spices.

The steak is served with hot and spicy sauce.


Meaning: food which is no longer fresh.

This bread is stale. Can you buy some bread, please?


Meaning:  a sugary taste.

I love sweet food but it usually lays heavily on my stomach.


Meaning: food rich in flavour.

Molly made a zesty savoury dish for dinner.

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Adjectives to describe FOOD
Adjectives to describe FOOD

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