Adjectives that Describe Food Texture

Texture describes how much something is soft or hard, smooth or rough. Here are 15 adjectives that describe food texture to help you enrich your vocabulary.


Meaning: smooth and creamy like butter.
Ex: Mary made a rich and buttery chocolate cake for dinner.


Meaning: food that needs to be chewed a lot before swallowing.
Ex: The food you made was tasteless and chewy. I could hardly swallow the meat.


Meaning: easily falls apart into small pieces.
Ex: This cheese is supposed to have a soft and crumbly texture.


Meaning: that makes a sharp noise when eaten.
Ex: I like the way you make toast. It’s so crunchy.


Meaning: smooth texture without any lumps.
Ex: She blended the liquid and vegetables and the result was creamy soup.


Meaning: sticky and soft.
Ex: This chocolate cake is light and gooey.


Meaning: texture which contains a lot of juice.
Ex: I love the steak. It’s so juicy.

15 Adjectives that Describe Food Texture
15 Adjectives that Describe Food Texture


Meaning: a liquid containing solid pieces.
Ex: The sauce is a bit lumpy. I’ll give it a whisk.


Meaning: slightly wet texture.
Ex: The fruit cake is buttery and moist. Just the way I like it!


Meaning: containing more liquid than normal.
Ex: The eggs were hard on the outside and runny on the inside.


Meaning: creamy texture that doesn’t contain any lumps.
Ex: The sauce Susana made was very smooth and tasty.

15 Adjectives that Describe Food Texture
15 Adjectives that Describe Food Texture


Meaning: a viscous texture, like glue.
Ex: The dough is too sticky. I should add more flour to it.


Meaning: easily changes shape when pressed.
Ex: I like my carrot cake to be soft and moist.


Meaning: food that is soft and easy to chew.
Ex: Meat gets tender when you hammer it.


Meaning: a liquid that doesn’t flow easily.
Ex: The sauce is too thick. Why don’t you add some water and whisk it a bit?

Adjectives that Describe food texture
Adjectives that Describe food texture

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