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15 Adjectives that Describe Food Texture

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Texture describes how much something is soft or hard, smooth or rough. Here are 15 adjectives that describe food texture to help you enrich your vocabulary.


Meaning: smooth and creamy like butter.
Ex: Mary made a rich and buttery chocolate cake for dinner.


Meaning: food that needs to be chewed a lot before swallowing.
Ex: The food you made was tasteless and chewy. I could hardly swallow the meat.


Meaning: easily falls apart into small pieces.
Ex: This cheese is supposed to have a soft and crumbly texture.

15 Adjectives that Describe Food Texture


Meaning: that makes a sharp noise when eaten.
Ex: I like the way you make toast. It’s so crunchy.


Meaning: smooth texture without any lumps.
Ex: She blended the liquid and the result was creamy soup.


Meaning: sticky and soft.
Ex: Keep the chocolate in a microwave until it becomes gooey.


Meaning: texture which contains a lot of juice.
Ex: I love the steak. It’s so juicy.

15 Adjectives that Describe Food Texture


Meaning: a liquid containing solid pieces.
Ex: The sauce is a bit lumpy. I’ll give it a whisk.


Meaning: slightly wet texture.
Ex: The fruit cake is buttery and moist. Just the way I like it!


Meaning: containing more liquid than normal.
Ex: The eggs were hard on the outside and runny on the inside.


Meaning: creamy texture that doesn’t contain any lumps.
Ex: The sauce Susana made was very smooth and tasty.

15 Adjectives that Describe Food Texture


Meaning: a viscous texture, like glue.
Ex: The dough is too sticky. I should add more flour to it.


Meaning: easily changes shape when pressed.
Ex: I like my carrot cake to be soft and moist.


Meaning: food that soft and easy to chew.
Ex: The meat gets tender when you hammer it.


Meaning: a liquid that doesn’t flow easily.
Ex: The sauce is too thick. Why don’t you add some water and whisk it a bit?

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