Prepositional Phrases with WORK

Hi dear English learners. Did you know that good knowledge of collocations and prepositional phrases allows you to speak English naturally and with more confidence? In that regard, in today’s lesson, we will look at prepositional phrases with WORK. 


Use the prepositional phrase “work as” with jobs.

  • Tim has been working as a flight attendant for more than ten years.
  • People such as models are always in search of work as entertainers at parties.
  • After graduating from college, Brian started working as a manager assistant for a multinational company.
  • Before she became famous, Gwyneth Paltrow used to work as a shop assistant.

Prepositional Phrases with WORK


 Use “work by” to say how something functions.

  • This heater works by electricity.
  • Things in that company work by sacking and promoting employees.
  • Antibiotics work by killing the bacteria and stopping them from multiplying.
  • The vaccine works by triggering your immunity and fighting harmful organisms.

Prepositional Phrases with WORK


We can use “work with” to say with whom or what we perform a task or activity.

  • I was so lucky to work with you. Have a happy retirement, Tom!
  • The government is working with the police to combat organized crime in the country.
  • Charles has always worked with a lot of energy and enthusiasm.
  • People who work with dangerous substances need to protect their hands and faces.

Prepositional Phrases with WORK


To work for someone or something means to be employed by that person or a company.

  • Molly has been working for the company ever since she graduated from college.
  • When he left school, Gary worked for his relatives at first but then he got employed by a ship-building company in Greece.
  • Julian does some voluntary work for Red Cross sometimes.
  • John has always wanted to work for an art gallery.

Prepositional Phrases with WORK


Use “work in” to say which place such as building,  town, city, country, etc. you work in.

  • She works in a cafe at weekends for some extra cash.
  • Since she got divorced, Jill has been working in a little town in the south of England.
  • He is a web designer working in Los Angeles.
  • Don is a blogger currently living and working in Brazil.

Prepositional Phrases with WORK


Use “work at” to say which specific place someone works at.

  • Mildred is a nurse working at a local hospital.
  • Zoe works at a museum as a conservator. 
  • I find working at home relaxing.
  • Brian’s sister works at a university as a teacher assistant.

Prepositional Phrases with WORK

Look at some other expressions employing the verb work and prepositions:

  • Sandra works from home once a week.
  • They always work from 7 till 2 on Fridays.
  • Don’t interrupt me. I’m working on a very important project.
  • Sara worked during her vacation in an animal shelter.
  • The shop won’t work on Sunday, the 7th of September.
Prepositional Phrases with WORK
Prepositional Phrases with WORK

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