20 Preposition + Noun Phrases

Hi English learners! Welcome to a new lesson. We will look at 20 preposition + noun phrases with the prepositions at, by, for, in and on.

Here is the list:

  • At last
  • At once
  • At times
  • By mistake
  • By accident
  • By choice
  • For good
  • For the time being
  • For one thing
  • For a song
  • In control
  • In any case
  • In force
  • On second thoughts
  • On the whole
  • On hold
  • Under age
  • Under control
  • Under pressure
  • Under oath

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Preposition + Noun Phrases

At last

Meaning: finally.

  • When the guests left, we were alone at last.

At once

Meaning: immediately

  • The doctor said he was coming at once.

At times

Meaning: sometimes.

  • Tom’s brother can be rather arrogant at times.

By mistake

Meaning: by accident.

  • Here is your phone, I took it by mistake.

By accident

Meaning: by chance; without intending to.

  • I met Sean by accident in the park.

By choice

Meaning: because you have chosen it.

  • Mary lives alone by choice.

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For good

Meaning: forever.

  • Jill left her home town for good.

Preposition + Noun Phrases

For the time being

Meaning: for now.

  • This flat is a bit small for us but we have to stay here for the time being.

For one thing

Meaning: use it to mention one reason for something when there are more of them.

  • For one thing, I don’t have time to go with you; for another, I’m not interested.

For a song

Meaning: very cheaply.

  • They are selling computers for a song because they need to clear out the warehouse.

In control

Meaning: to managing an organization or a situation.

  • Celia seemed relaxed and in control of the car.

In any case

Meaning: also.

  • The park was far from our home and in any case, our car was broken so we stayed in.

In force

Meaning: in large numbers.

  • People were standing in force at the stadium despite the bad weather.

Preposition + Noun Phrases

On second thoughts

Meaning: use it to say that you changed your opinion.

  • At first, he accepted the offer but on second thoughts he decided to wait.

On the whole

Meaning: in general.

  • On the whole, I think that women are better drivers than men.

On hold

Meaning: delayed until later.

  • Please, stay on hold, our operator will get back to you as soon as possible.

Under age

Meaning: not old enough legally to do a particular activity.

  • She is not allowed to buy cigarettes or alcohol because she is under age.

Under control

Meaning: to be able to deal with something successfully.

  • A good gardener needs to keep the weeds under control.

Under pressure

Meaning: being forced to do something.

  • The minister was under pressure to resign after the scandal.

Preposition + Noun Phrases

Under oath

Meaning: to give a formal promise to tell the truth.

  • The witness said under oath what happened on the night of the crime.
Preposition + Noun Phrases
Preposition + Noun Phrases

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