Phrasal verb: GO OUT

Phrasal verbs undeniably make an essential part of English vocabulary. They are not easy to learn, though, as many of them have multiple meanings. In today’s lesson, we’ll go through 10 meanings of the phrasal verb “go out”.

Go out 1

Meaning: To leave your home and go somewhere to have fun or do something enjoyable.

For example:

  • Mark and I are going out tonight. Simon is throwing a party.
  • You can’t sit at home and watch TV all day long. Let’s go out and have some fun.

Go out 2

If you go out with someone, you are involved in a romantic relationship with him/her.

For example:

  • Pamela used to go out with a famous football player.
  • After going out for a year, they decided to get engaged.

Go out 3

Meaning: At sports events, an athlete or a team can stop competing because of their poor score.

For example:

  • A famous tennis player went out of the competition after a very bad performance.
  • The national football team went out in the last round of the tournament.

Go out 4

Meaning: When something is no longer in use.

For example:

  • Video players went out of use. Nobody watches videotapes anymore.
  • We can say that radio transistors went out of use. Hardly anybody uses them nowadays.

Go out 5

Meaning: When something is no longer in fashion.

For example:

  • Baggy trousers went out of fashion in the last century.
  • Jeans will never go out of fashion.

Go out 6

Meaning: When the lights turn off.

For example:

  • The lights went out so Stephen turned on the torch in his phone.
  • The theatrical play started as soon as the lights went out.

Go out 7

Meaning: When the fire stops burning.

For example:

  • The fire in the stove went out while we were in the supermarket. It’s freezing in here!
  • Although the campfire was huge, it went out during the night.

Go out 8

Meaning: If your heart/thoughts go out to somebody, you are feeling sympathy for them because of their difficult situation.

For example:

  • Ryan’s heart went out to the victims of the flood.
  • Her thoughts went out to her husband who was stuck in some trenches in the war zone.

Go out 9

Meaning: When a radio or TV programme goes out, it is being broadcasted.

For example:

  • The new series goes out at 5 pm, on Channel 3.
  • The radio soap opera goes out every day at 10 am.

Go out 10

Meaning: When a message is announced, we say that it’s gone out.

For example:

  • A message has gone out that the new law has passed.
  • The news went out that 2 million vaccines are on their way.
 Phrasal verb: GO OUT
Phrasal verb: GO OUT

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