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Phrasal Verb: Make up

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Phrasal verbs tend to be ambiguous. As a rule, they have more than one meaning, which can be confusing if you are an English language learner. Here are a few meanings of the phrasal verb “make up” you can adopt easily and improve your English a lot:


Meaning: to constitute.
Ex: People over 65 make up 30% of the population.
The football team is made up of 11 players.
The building is made up of 67 floors and a basement.


Meaning: to invent a story.
Ex: I don’t believe you. You made the whole story up!
Sarah enjoyed making up tales for the school magazine.
None of it is true. Peter made it all up.


Meaning: to compensate.
Ex: May I leave work earlier today and make up tomorrow?
He usually has a nap in the afternoon to make up for getting up early.
I’m sorry I couldn’t come to your birthday party. Can I make it up by taking you to dinner?


Meaning: to end a disagreement.
Ex: Paul argued with his sister but they made up later.
They argue all the time, but when someone shows up, they pretend to make up.
After her husband died, she said that they had argued sometimes but they would always kiss and make up afterwards.

Phrasal verb MAKE UP

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