Ways to say “another”

Boost your vocabulary with this post. Stop using the same words, use their synonyms. Learn other ways to say “another”.


Meaning: one more person or thing.
Ex: The cookie is delicious. Can I have another one?


Meaning: use it to say that it is the last one.
Ex: I’ll take just one more piece of cake and it is the last one, I promise.


Meaning: a useful addition to the usual amount.
Ex: I’d love to go somewhere this summer so I’ll have to earn some extra cash.

Other Ways to Say "Another"
Other Ways to Say “Another”


Meaning: another one of the things you usually use.
Ex: Just in case, I always keep a spare key to my car in the garage.


Meaning: more than usual or expected.
Ex: Even though those were peaceful demonstrations, additional police security was provided.


Meaning: Additional or different than previously mentioned.
Ex: London is more expensive than other cities in Europe.

Other Ways to Say "Another"
Other Ways to Say “Another”


Meaning: besides, in addition.
Ex: Not only that she is pretty, she is also intelligent.


Meaning: another different thing or person.
Ex: And then I mentioned something else that I thought was interesting.
Peter told his girlfriend that he was in love with someone else.


Meaning: some other than, additional.
Ex: In addition to students’ names and age, some other details were given.

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