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Other Ways to Say ‘Angry’

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Are you feeling mad sometimes? Or maybe irritated while waiting in a queue? In this lesson, you will find other ways to say “angry”.


Meaning: to become very angry.
Ex: Your brother will go mad when he finds out that you took his jacket.


Meaning: angry and irritated.
Ex: She was annoyed with Sue for not calling.


Meaning: extremely angry.
Ex: Sheila was furious when she saw the article.

Other Ways to Say “Angry”


Meaning: angry and unhappy.
Ex: Even though he was a happy man most of the time, John felt bitter about his failure.


Meaning: angry and displeased.
Ex: We felt irritated because of the unbearable noise from the street.


Meaning: very upset and irritated.
Ex: The residents of the village were enraged when they heard about the motor race passing through their village.


Meaning: to become annoyed.
Ex: People who talk to drivers in public transport make me see red.


Meaning: being angry. Children mostly use this word to express anger.
Ex: Mum, John hit me and I’m really cross with him for that.


Meaning: to feel a lot of anger.
Ex: Our boss was fuming when he heard about the shop robbery.


Meaning: annoyed because of someone’s mistake.
Ex: Although they were not difficult people, the Petersons were very displeased with the new babysitter.

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