Other Ways to Say ‘Angry’

Are you feeling mad sometimes? Or maybe irritated while waiting in a queue? In this lesson, you will find different adjectives to describe these emotions.

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Other ways to say “angry”

Mad – become very angry.
Ex: Your brother will go mad when he finds out that you took his jacket.

Annoyed – angry and irritated.
Ex: She was annoyed with Sue for not calling.

Furious – extremely angry.
Ex: Sheila was furious when she saw the article.


Bitter – angry and unhappy.
Ex: John felt bitter about his failure.

Irritated – angry and displeased.
Ex: We felt irritated because of the unbearable noise from the street.

Enraged – very upset and angry.
Ex: The residents of the village were enraged when they heard about the motor race passing through their village.

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