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Phrasal Verb: Pick Up

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As a rule, phrasal verbs usually have more than one meaning. That is why they are not suitable for formal context, but are irreplaceable in everyday spoken English. Let’s look at the meanings of the phrasal verb “pick up”:


Meaning: to learn a new language without being taught.

Ex: Paul picked up some Greek when he was on holiday in Greece.

Children usually pick up a new language much easier than adults.


Meaning: to answer the phone.

Ex: Why don’t you pick up your phone when it’s ringing?

Will you please pick up the phone for me, my hands are dirty.


Meaning: to catch an illness.

Ex: Gilbert is in bed. He picked up a virus, I’m afraid.

Peter picked up measles from his child. It was horrible! He hardly stayed alive!


Meaning: to lift somebody or something off the floor.

Ex: Your glasses are on the floor. Pick them up before someone steps on them.

We went to the park and we picked up some beautiful forest flowers.


Meaning: to collect somebody or something.

Ex: Do you want me to pick you up on my way to work?

My car’s broken, so Ned will pick me up tomorrow morning.

Phrasal verb PICK UP

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