Phrasal verbs are not very suitable for formal context but they are very useful in everyday spoken English. Have your grandparents ever handed down something to you? Learn what it means here. Here are four phrasal verbs with “hand”:


Meaning: to give documents or written papers to officials or teachers.

  • I handed my passport in to the customs officer.
  • Will you please look at my essay before I hand it in?


Meaning: to give something you’re holding back to someone.

  • Paul handed Ruth the book back after he looked at it.
  • I hate when people borrow something from you and then never hand it back.


Meaning: to give something to each person in the group.

  • She poured the soup into plates and handed them around to us.
  • It was Brian’s birthday, so he handed small chocolates around the class.


Meaning: to give something to someone (usually to a member of a family) so they can have it after you die.

  • She was handed down that necklace by her mother. Isn’t it beautiful?
  • Claddagh ring is often handed down in Irish families. It’s five hundred years old tradition.
 Phrasal Verbs with "Hand"
Phrasal Verbs with “Hand”

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Ferdinando Soares · 27 May 2020 at 10:15 pm

Thank so much for your kindness and for your hardworking
These phrasal verbs are useful for me
Please share more your knowledge that you had but not much, just according to you know about the phrasal verbs

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