11 Phrasal Verbs with Around

Are you struggling to remember phrasal verbs? 🙂 Then this is the right post for you. Here are 11 phrasal verbs with ‘around’ that may come handy any time:

WALK AROUND – to walk without a particular goal.

Ex: We were walking around for hours.

GO AROUND – to behave in a certain way.

Ex: He’s going around and calling people names.

BE AROUND – to be present.

Ex: If you want to talk to me, I’ll be around.

GET AROUND – to travel to a lot of places.

Ex: He’s visited three countries this year. He’s getting around!

ASK AROUND – to seek information from many different people.

Ex: He was asking around if someone had seen his dog.

BOSS AROUND – to tell someone what to do.

Ex: He’s been bossing around all morning.

FOOL AROUND – to behave in a silly and dangerous way.

Ex: One shouldn’t fool around with fire.

MONKEY AROUND – to behave in a silly and annoying way.

Ex: Don’t monkey around with my computer!

MESS AROUND – to do unimportant things, waste time.

Ex: You should stop messing around and do your homework.

LOOK AROUND – to visit a place and look at things at it.

Ex: We looked around the gallery.

RUN AROUND – to be very busy.

Ex: I’m so tired; I’ve been running around all morning.


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