Collocations about BOOKS

Fond of reading? Well, you don’t have to be in order to learn these great collocations about books. They will make your English sound much more sophisticated and natural. Let’s look at them:

Be absorbed in a book

Meaning: be totally focused on reading.

Ex: Derek didn’t hear me because he was absorbed in a book.

Bedtime reading

Meaning: reading in bed.

Ex: Would you recommend horror stories for bedtime reading?

Collocations about BOOKS

Collocations about books
Collocations about books

Compulsive reading

Meaning: so interesting that you can’t stop reading.

Ex: More and more people are indulging in compulsive reading.

Light reading

Meaning: something you read easily.

Ex: Love novels are light reading.

Collocations about BOOKS

Skim through a book

Meaning: not read thoroughly.

Ex: I skimmed through a detective story you gave me and decided to take it on holiday, it seems interesting.

Collocations about books
Collocations about books

Speed reading

Meaning: Technique of reading the text faster than normal.

Ex: If you want to be a journalist, you have to learn speed reading.

Reading age

Meaning: the level of reading ability compared to a reading ability of a child of a particular age.

Ex: Mary is learning Spanish. She has a reading age of 8.

Extensive reading

Meaning: When second language learners read extensively, they read easy, adapted texts in order to build their reading speed and fluency.

Ex: Extensive reading is not only enjoyable but can also help you improve your English fluency.

Collocations about BOOKS
Collocations about BOOKS

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